11 minutes of stress and anxiety gameplay for the remake

Layers of Fears: 11 minutes of stress and anxiety gameplay for the Unreal Engine 5 remake

We know a little more about the remake of Layers of Fear, still being developed at Bloober Team studios, also working on the remake of Silent Hill 2. Polish developers have now gained a certain notoriety that pushes publishers to collaborate with them to work. Otherwise, this Layers of Fears 2023 vintage is scheduled for June, as the date was revealed at the end of this lengthy 11+ minute gameplay video. A good opportunity to see the visual evolution of this game, which will put us in the shoes of a painter who wanders around a mansion where unconventional things happen. Obviously, our character will only have a pitiful oil lamp to illuminate these dark and unsettling hallways. Note that this remake will take advantage of Unreal Engine 5’s features to make fear and horror more tangible than ever. We also know that the game will benefit from native 4K rendering, Ray Tracing effects, but also HDR.

Released for June 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series for this updated Layers of Fear.

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