25 years later, this game gets a new update

The cult PS1 RPG The Legend of Dragoon gets an interesting novelty almost 25 years after its release: the addition of trophies. A feature made possible by its arrival in the PlayStation Plus catalog.

The Legend of Dragoon
The Legend of Dragoon (2000)

Released in 2000 on PlayStation, The Legend of Dragoon is a quintessential JRPG of the era that holds a special aura among fans of the genre, despite mixed reviews upon release. It will soon get a new feature: the trophies.

In fact, the title will arrive this week for PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers. As a result, it will be possible to play it on the PS5 and even unlock the famous trophies. A first for the service. Nothing official at this point, but the site True Trophies, often knowledgeable on the matter, confirms it without flinching.

For the first time, a PS1 game is entitled to trophies

The PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium service, which will be implemented in 2022, will allow you to play a selection of old titles from PlayStation’s history. New ones are added regularly. They are playable on PS5 as they were at the time, but do not have a Trophy system. Adding this feature would therefore be a first for an old title. and it would revive interest for those eager to platinum their games.

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Small precision that is so important: True Trophies indicates that the trophies may not be added when The Legend of Dragoon launches on PS Plus. The list of rewards would not be fully finalized yet and the functionality could come a little later. So just be patient to see if this is all real or not, but adding them to older games sounds like a great idea.

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The Legend of Dragoon came out on PS1 in late 2000 and is developed by Japan Studio. While it didn’t have the success of genre classics like Final Fantasy of the 32-bit era, it built up a hard core of fans over the years and gradually became a cult title. The trophies, they came much later, at the time of the PS3.

Source : Real trophies

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