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Animal heroes have been around for centuries, performing selfless acts to save human lives. In today’s world, we continue to hear amazing stories of how animals have come to the rescue of humans in need.

Here are 35 heroic animals that have saved human lives:

Lulu the Pig: Lulu became a hero when she saved her owner’s life by alerting him to a fire in the barn.

Moko the Dolphin: Moko saved two stranded pygmy sperm whales by leading them back to the sea.

Balto the Siberian Husky: Balto led his sled team through a blizzard to deliver medicine to a remote town, saving countless lives.

Honey the Golden Retriever: Honey saved her owner from a venomous snake by barking until help arrived.

Binti Jua the Gorilla: Binti Jua protected a child who had fallen into her enclosure at the zoo.

Kiko the Gorilla: Kiko saved a young boy who had fallen into his enclosure by carrying him to safety.

Blue the Australian Cattle Dog: Blue saved his owner from a venomous snake by attacking it.

Tsunami the Golden Retriever: Tsunami saved a man from drowning by pulling him to shore.

Togo the Siberian Husky: Togo led his sled team through a treacherous blizzard to deliver medicine to Nome, Alaska.

Tara the Cat: Tara saved her young owner from a vicious dog attack.

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