6 months of Netflix offered with the new Livebox fiber offers

Orange currently offers Livebox offers with a very attractive price-quality ratio, combining fiber and access to Netflix. This way you benefit from an internet connection from France’s number 1 ISP as well as access to the most content-rich SVOD platform.

Orange Live box

While many users will lose the ability to watch Netflix with the end of account sharing, Orange is including the streaming service in two of its flagship offerings: Livebox Up and Livebox Max.


6 months free Netflix with Livebox Up and Livebox Max

Orange offers its customers three internet formulas that give access to fiber optics. The first is Livebox Fiber, exclusive to the internet for EUR 23.99 per month for one year and then for EUR 41.99 per month. With this subscription, the ISP provides a Livebox 5 and a connection of up to 500 Mb/s in download and upload speeds.

The Livebox Up Fiber package seems more interesting. For a few euros more (31.99 euros per month for 12 months after that, 49.99 euros per month), you benefit from very high-end performance with download speeds of up to 2 Gb/s and up to 600 Mb/s for upload. Orange also offers a WiFi 6 repeater to improve home connectivity, and thus six months of standard Netflix subscription.

Finally, the operator offers Livebox Max Fiber, a premium offer for users who are most concerned about the quality of their experience and their internet connection at home. With this formula, Orange supplies its new Livebox 6-compatible WiFi 6E, promising up to 2 Gb/s download speeds and 800 Mb/s upload. The ISP can also equip your home with up to three WiFi repeaters to maintain a fast and constant wireless connection throughout the home. Again, we have six months of Netflix Standard free. Count 36.99 euros monthly for the first year, then 54.99 euros when this period is over.

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All these offers have the same 12-month commitment period and are available until April 5, 2023. They come with an Ultra HD 4K decoder and a landline to call landlines and mobiles in mainland France, Europe, unlimited overseas departments, the US and Canada (only calls to landlines in mainland France and overseas departments are unlimited with the cheapest plan).

Livebox Up Fiber and Livebox Max Fiber subscribers also benefit from a Multiscreen TV recorder option, a second TV decoder or TV key of your choice and the Orange TV experience directly on their Samsung smart TV. Exclusive with the Livebox Max Fiber offer, you also benefit from Orange TV’s Replay Max function, which gives access to MyTF1 Max and 6playmax in HD quality, without commercial breaks and with content in preview.

How do you get the 6-month subscription to Netflix with your Orange subscription?

The six months of Netflix Standard are offered on request, after which the price of EUR 13.49 per month will be charged. After the six months free, it is quite possible to terminate the Netflix option to avoid paying the subscription to the SVOD platform. Don’t forget that Netflix’s Standard package offers the possibility to watch its films and series on two screens at the same time in HD quality, but also to download content on a smartphone or tablet for offline viewing.

Orange Live box

Once your Livebox order is complete, you will receive a link by email to activate your Netflix account. Note that even if you already have a Netflix account, you can also take advantage of the offer and get a free six-month subscription. So there is no need to open a new Netflix account, you can completely take over your account you already have and enjoy it as usual, without having to pay for it during the six-month period.

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Responsive and efficient customer service

Orange is known for the quality of its network, but also for all the attentions that the internet provider gives to its customers. The guaranteed 24-hour internet service is one of the most popular among users. The operator, together with its customers, undertakes to respect a maximum period of 24 hours to provide them with a solution in the event of a loss of internet connection, whether it is a breakdown, the start of a subscription or in the context of a move. In the latter case, Orange even has specialized advisers to help you activate internet in your new home.

For example, the ISP provides 200 GB of mobile Internet while reconnecting and resolving the issue, making it possible to connect all of the equipment in the home using mobile connection sharing. And if you don’t have an Orange mobile subscription, the operator will lend you a 4G Airbox, which acts as a 4G router in your home. In the same vein, Orange offers a guaranteed 24-hour landline. In the event of a problem with your line, Orange promises to offer a solution within a day and to lend you a mobile phone with four calling hours.

With the Serenity WiFi service of the Livebox Max Fiber offer, Orange customers get help from a specialist to optimize the wireless connection in their home, with the possibility to install up to three WiFi 6 repeaters to extend the range and maximize performance regardless of the distance between a device and the Livebox.

Mobile customers are also spoiled by Orange services. In the event of breakage, theft or loss of your smartphone, Orange will lend you a replacement phone, directly in the store or via delivery within 24 hours. In addition, an Orange advisor can help configure and activate their terminal in the store.

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