7 mistakes made by first year students to avoid in Hogwarts Legacy to have the best gaming experience

At Hogwarts Legacy we can fully immerse ourselves in the Harry Potter universe. That allows us to fly, cast spells, take on enemies or meet all kinds of strange creatures. However, there are some aspects that we should know or that it is advisable to do if we really want to benefit from the experience. Now that we’ve played for many hours and brought you all sorts of guides, these are the ones 7 errors which we recommend avoiding at all costs.

7 mistakes to avoid on Hogwarts Legacy

Experience is the best companion and we already have a bit of that, so now it’s time to share some of the tips that we think are most useful.

1. Destroy the team

It is normal that the first time we start the game we want to collect all kinds flashy clothes and accessories. However, space is limited. As we keep opening chests, it’s normal for the game to tell us that our squad room is full.

This can be fixed as we go through Merlin’s Trials, but until then it’s annoying. The first impulse is certainly that destroy what we no longer use, but if you remember our guide on how to get gold, it’s an easy way to get some coins. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to space and do not hesitate to sell to the retailers what you no longer use.

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Hogwarts Legacy tips

2.Skip side missions

There are a large number of secondary missions such as the half-guise statues, the empty paintings or the Daedalus keys that not only allow us to get all kinds of trophies, but also bring us very useful things.

In this way we can access to new places, get spells or improve them and discover very interesting stories, because the truth is that the vast majority are quite funny. If you don’t do this, you’re missing out on a lot of gameplay worth exploring.

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3. Don’t explore

And speaking of exploring, Hogwarts and its surroundings are full of them hidden corners with very juicy rewards. For example, the doors with animal symbols let us enter hidden rooms with chests.

From gathering ingredients to creepy places, we recommend taking a thorough tour of all the areas you can find to uncover magical secrets.

Hogwarts Legacy tips

4. Answer without thinking

Throughout the story we will be talking to a lot of people and there are usually dialogue options. While there isn’t a very serious consequence system in this game, it is change some answers we can get This may change the perception that students or teachers have of us, so before you answer like crazy, it is better to think about what you would do.

In addition, sometimes we have to select a partner for some tasks, so it is important that we pay attention to the dialogues.

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5. Not ordering the spells

Entering Hogwarts in the fifth year means we have a long learning to do spell series, but we can’t use them all at once. However, we have the option of set up multiple profiles with four spells. It is important to spend a few minutes ordering our forces. We never know when we’ll go to battle! In addition, there are very cool synergies.

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Hogwarts Legacy tips

6. Don’t use dark magic

If we’re decent wizards, we might not want to use unforgivable curses. We’ve always been told you are for a reason three curses they are forbidden, but the truth is that we can learn them and there are no catastrophic consequences. They are powerful and useful.

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7. The Room of Requirement

The Room of Requirement is an extremely useful place. It allows us to have our own place in the castle, but also to create all kinds of supplies we need for our adventure through Hogwarts. It is our workspace and if we don’t leave it aside, we can get multiple benefits from using it.

Harry Potter tips

You will see how these simple tricks help you to have a more complete gaming experience. With all this, do not miss all the game news that we bring to you to be attentive to the latest information and, if you are thinking of completing the game 100%, you can visit our achievements and trophies guide with very useful advice.

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