A future rival of the electric Mégane, Google’s AI criticizes Google and a smart scooter

Did you run out of time to follow yesterday’s tech news? Here are our top stories from Thursday, March 22: an upcoming Tesla-inspired electric car from Zeekr, Google’s AI reviews, and Lime scooters limited to one person. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Frandroid newsletter so as not to miss any news.

Source: Zeekr

A possible rival of the Renault Mégane E-Tech

Young electric car brand Zeekr has unveiled the interior of its third, more affordable model: the Zeekr X (003). A very Tesla-inspired cockpit with a large sliding touchscreen. A fairly compact car that has a good chance of arriving in Europe to compete with the Mégane E-Tech from the French Renault.

Google Bard scores against his side

The American multinational has barely opened early access to its ChatGPT-type conversational artificial intelligence, which it already criticizes its creator. When Google Bard is questioned about an anti-competitive case between Google and the US government, the AI ​​sides with the latter. Ouch.

Lime scooters ensure that you cannot ride together

While Paris City Hall wants to ban self-service electric scooters because of rudeness, operator Lime seems to want to reassure the municipality by adding a restriction to the use of its scooters: no longer being able to ride two on a single bike. In 30 seconds, a new technology blocks the electric motor if it detects two conductors.

Today’s test: the Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus

The entry-level smartphone brand from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is releasing 4 products for its new line of Redmi Note 12. The Redmi Note 12 Pro Plus, which is sold as the best of the four, is also the most expensive at 500 euros. A “flagship killer» which, however, burns its wings a little in the face of the requirements of this price range.

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