A glυttoпoυs cobra meets a “sпake kiпg” who vomits 7 eggs aпd escapes qυickly to save his life. – businesscraze.com

Being hungry is a small matter and being caught is a big problem!

A cobra in India broke into the chicken coop earlier and ate 8 eggs. Unexpectedly, it was bumped into by someone. It wanted to escape but was too full to move quickly. In a hurry, it had to spit out 7 eggs and turned around to escape .

According to local media reports, a cobra broke into a chicken coop in the southwestern state of Kerala earlier and swallowed a chicken alive when there was no one around, and then went back and swallowed 8 eggs. When he was about to leave, he was smashed by the snake catcher.

However, the cobra couldn’t escape because it was too full to eat and its stomach was too distended. At the “moment of life and death”, it spit out 7 eggs in a second, and then quickly burrowed into the grass and successfully escaped.

online pictures

online pictures

Although the snake’s body is slender, it has amazing elasticity and can swallow objects several times larger than itself. However, the weight in the stomach will also slow down their crawling speed. Therefore, snakes often spit out the food in their stomachs in order to escape in critical moments.

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