a strange bug is hampering some devices, they no longer save photos!

A strange bug prevents taking close-up photos with the flash on some Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro.

Google Pixel 7

Google’s Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are quality smartphones which we had tested in our columns. Since its launch in spring 2022, the Mountain View company has convinced millions of customers to buy their devices. Rumor has it that this range flows the best. Google has never sold so many mobile phones.

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However, the launch of these technology concentrates, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, is not a not run without problems. Whether it’s a YouTube video crashing their Pixel 7 or unexplained autorun misfires, there has always been more feedback from dissatisfied users of their Google smartphones.

A crippling bug affects the optical zoom of the Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

On Reddit we find the first testimonials from users complaining about the malfunction of the camera of their Pixel 7, or even their Pixel 7 Pro. One of the community members shared a video in which he unsuccessfully tries to get a close-up shot of the inside of his PC tower. He uses his camera’s optical zoom and flash. Everything happens normally when he shoots a wall or any other element of his home. On the other hand, the smartphone refuses to save the image when it tries to capture the components of its computer. A very strange bug, especially since thenhe is not alone in his case.

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Other Internet users have confirmed this strange phenomenon. They also cannot save close-up and flash photos. Is the bug of hardware or software origin? What all affected users have in common is that they use all the same version of Google Camera. Therefore, according to the cross-checks, the bug would be due to a problem with the image processing algorithm and the processing of HDR images. The Pixel 7’s components are not in question. No doubt Google engineers are currently working on a solution.

Source : Giz China

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