a timid redesign, except for the interior

Two and a half years after the launch of the first generation, Volkswagen has just presented the expected redesign of the ID on March 1, 2023. 3, is 100% electric compact. The program includes design changes (especially in the cabin), higher quality materials and the integration of latest generation assistance systems.

Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

In October 2022, Volkswagen CEO Thomas Schäfer confirmed the brand’s ambitions in the electric market. It is not for nothing that the manufacturer plans to market no less than 10 new electric cars by 2026. Among them will be the famous ID.7, designed to compete with the Tesla Model 3, or even a mysterious SUV variant of the ID. 3.

We also knew that this list had the expected ID revision. 3, the German brand’s very first electric compact. Well exactly, Volkswagen has just lifted the veil on this whole thing new version 2023 of the ID. 3 this Wednesday, March 1, 2023.

Two and a half years after the launch of the first generation, the ID. 3 therefore goes through the “restyling” box., with many adjustments, whether in terms of design (especially in the passenger compartment), the materials used or the built-in assistance systems. But without further ado, let’s see what VW has prepared.

Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

Timid changes to the exterior design

Let’s first look at the rule changes in ID.3. Just to say it right away, the changes made are not the most obvious and it will be necessary to look at the details to notice the differences with the first model.

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Because, most of the new features are concentrated on the front of the compact. The shield has been reworked and has a finer and more refined air intake. Vertical slots on the sides give the compact VW a sporty look. The bonnet has also benefited from a new pencil mark. The black band under the windshield has been removedand cut-outs on the sides of the bonnet give the impression of a longer nose.

VW also explains that it has improved aerodynamics via optimized airflow at the front wheels. As for the front optics, no change to report. On the other hand, those at the back have had a makeover and now come in two red parts.

Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

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Walked through a cabin from A to Z

As mentioned above, most of Volkswagen’s work is actually in the cabin. It should be recognized that the ID. 3 needed it. Customers have pointed out the questionable quality of the materials used and the unworthy level of finish for an electric car still offered more than 45,000 €.

In addition, numerous customer suggestions have been adopted and implemented in the form of product improvements and optimization of standard equipment.” writes Volkswagen.

Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

This revision concerns in particular the use of sustainable materials for the seats and door trim, viz Artvelours Eco microfiber, a fabric made from 71% recycled materials. The driver’s compartment offers softer surfaces with foam liners, stitched leather (non-animal) and includes larger storage compartments.

But what we especially remember are the changes made to the control screens. Dashboard touchscreen goes from 10 to 12 inches and now becomes standard. But most of all, it is powered by a new operating systemmore efficient according to VW and able to receive updates remotely or OTA if you prefer.

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Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

The idea is ultimately to offer customers additional features (paid, of course) as Tesla already does. Small flat however with regard to the central screen, the controls are touch sensitive only. No physical buttons available. This trend is regularly singled out by many manufacturers for its dangerousness. In 2020, a Tesla owner had an accident while trying to increase the speed of his windshield wipers through his car’s touch controls. But according to VW menu layout is now clearer. seen during testing.

An identical engine

If you expect something new regarding the technical characteristics of this 2023 ID.3 cuvée, you should come back. This new version still offers the same electric motorization, namely that of 150kW (240 hp). We will then find a battery of 58 kWh on the first two models in the range, and a larger battery from 77 kWh on the premium version. Either a respective autonomy of 426 and 546 km in the WLTP cycle.

In fact, the only notable change is on the DC-DC charging side. On fast terminals, the threshold has been raised from 135 kW to 170 kWenough to gain a few extra miles on every charge.

Volkswagen ID.3 2023
Credits: Volkswagen

concerning prices and designs availablewe stay on something similar to the existing offer on the old ID.3:

  • ID.3 Pro First 150 kW and 58 kWh battery: from €46,750
  • ID CARD. 3 Pro First Exclusive 150 kW and 58 kWh battery: from €50,200
  • ID CARD. 3 Pro S First Exclusive 150 kW and 77 kWh battery: from €55,600

According to Volkswagen, production of the ID.3 will take place at the sites in Zwickau and Dresden, as well as in the new factory in Wolsburg from autumn 2023.

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