Activate “God Mode” to use all cheats and control everything in your Sons of the Forest single and multiplayer games

Has it ever happened to you that you have configured a game and it is not what you expected? The truth is that it’s frustrating to have to start the game all over again when we’ve been at it for several hours. And yes, it helps to know where certain things are after an initial “pass”, but that’s about it lost time if you have to repeat everything. This is common in many games and Sons of the Forest is no exception.

For this reason, in this post we have the full list of all commands and cheats which can be introduced into the game to have a more “à la carte” experience in the game Endless Games; making it easier or more accessible in your first games, more challenging if you’re already a pro, or just if you want to laugh at the expense of cannibals and mutants.

Sons of the forest cheats and codes

The Sons of the Forest codes are a series of instructions or commands “console” that allows you to change some game parameters without having to start another game. They mainly change The difficultybut it is possible to access certain functions that adjust the environment or the presence of hostile characters.

For their part, the “mods”, as their name implies, are amendments that will change other parameters that are inaccessible to the codes, but should theoretically be able to be applied to the game change other features or change their behavior. We’re going to take a look at the two types and show you how to put them into practice.

Sons of the Forest Console Codes

These codes are the officers, which is why you can start using them without applying anything other than the game. To use them, you need to enter the game and open the chat window to write the command you want to use. You have the list of available commands below and they should all be preceded by the symbol “”:

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  • permit construction destruction: Allows you to destroy structures.
  • allowenemiescreative: Allows you to spawn enemies in creative mode.
  • prohibit [steam id]: Ban a Steam user (by ID) from your server.
  • close logs: Close game logs.
  • staff: Shows all available commands.
  • stairs [steam id]: Bans (by Steam ID) a player from your server.
  • open logs: Displays the game logs (information about who is participating, etc.).
  • reset: Restart the server; it essentially restarts the game.
  • to rescue [slot number 1-5]: Save the game in a space defined by the indicated number.
  • to block A pays the server (as if you disconnected as host).
  • tree growth mode: Replant or regenerate 10% of the trees you felled.
  • allowCheats [on/off]: Allows you to use cheats and commands NOTE: It is the first thing to enter before using any other
  • configuration file path: Choose the folder where the game settings are saved.
  • difficulty [Peaceful/Normal/Hard/HardSurvival]: Allows you to change the difficulty of the current game.
  • realistic PlayerDamage [on/off]: Activating this will make players take more damage, especially in PvP mode; the damage is determined by the weapon used.
  • resetHolesMode [on/off]: When activated, this command will eliminate the holes that are in every building we have built.
  • saveFolderPath: Choose the folder where the games are saved.
  • targetFpsActive [FPS]: Allows you to set an FPS limit on the server.
  • targetFpsIdle [FPS]: Sets an FPS limit for inactive players.
  • vegan mode [on/off] : Eliminate enemies when we activate it and regenerate them when we reintroduce it.

You need to know these codes are only accessible in multiplayer mode, since in single player games it is not possible to open the chat option. Which makes sense, given that some of the options listed refer to possible commands when we host a game in multiplayer mode.

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Cheats for Sons of the Forest via mods

In parallel with the codes, there are a number of cheats that can be used in Sons of the Forest. They’re not exactly official, and to implement them, it is installation required of the wemod tool, since they are essentially mods. Emphasize this may be used alone in single player games. At least you can check out some curious effects and explore the game at your own pace without worrying about factors like survival or enemies.

We Mod Son Of The Forest

The list of mods currently included for Sons of the Forest is as follows:

  • Fast 3D printers: 3D printers will be faster.
  • fully equipped: You will always be rested.
  • game speed: Sets the speed of the game.
  • Immune to fire: You do not incur any fire damage.
  • Infinite Flashlight Battery: The flashlight will not drain the batteries.
  • Infinite fuel: Torches and bonfires will never burn out.
  • Infinite fullness: No object limit.
  • Infinite health: Invulnerable.
  • Infinite hydration: You will not be thirsty.
  • Infinite jumps: You jump to any height.
  • Infinite lung capacity: you do not need oxygen cylinders.
  • Infinite printer resin: You always have resin for the 3D printer.
  • Infinite stamina: You can run all the time.
  • Infinite power: You have maximum damage power.
  • Infinite temperature: Low temperatures will not affect you.
  • invisibility: You will be invisible.
  • No building requirements: There are no requirements to build.
  • No fall damage: No fall damage.
  • No item limit: No limit to the number of items you can bring.
  • Cut down trees with one blow: Trees are felled with an ax blow.
  • Set damage multiplier: Sets the damage multiplier per weapon.
  • Set jump height multiplier: Sets the height of your jumps.
  • Set the last floating item amount: Set to display the last item you hovered over.
  • Set the running speed multiplier: Set how fast you will run.
  • Set the swimming speed multiplier: Set how fast you will swim.
  • Set time rate multiplier: Sets how fast the time passes.
  • Walking speed multiplier set: Set how fast you will walk.
  • stop time: Stop time (change from day to night and vice versa).
  • Unbreakable armor: Your armor will not break or wear out.
  • Unlimited ammunition: You will not spend ammunition.
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To apply these mods, you just need to do assign them keyboard shortcuts to the game by launching it from the Wemod launcher. When you press them, a sound indicates that they are active, and pressing them again deactivates them. Please note that Sons of the Forest is still in early access and these mods can cause the game to crash, so don’t experiment too much with them either.

It goes without saying that some of these parameters they detract from the challenge of the experiencebut if you’re the type of player who wants to explore the game freely without the anxiety it brings, you could use it to explore the huge map, though I repeat: it takes a lot of fun out of the experience.

Do you like Sons of the Forest? We have articles backing its massive success on Twitch to be an early access and even more desirable than heavyweights yet to come out like Starfield, or if you prefer, leave here or in the other posts about the title your comments.

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