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Psychological horror, first-person view, shadow play and tacky atmosphere. A cocktail of ingredients that fueled the project to infinity. But beyond these constituent elements of the studio software hecatethe DNA strands appear to be directly connected to a particular one PT (reboot/spin-off project of the Silent Hill saga directed by Hideo Kojima and nipped in the bud – Thanks Konami -). From the first seconds of the trailer, the lineage seems almost obvious. Slow and heavy gait of the protagonist, pernicious atmosphere, artistic direction that plays with shadows and lights… Everything seems to be there, right down to the untimely telephone calls that the spectators of the demo of PT will have no trouble recognizing.

Our apologies after PT

However, it seems rather simplistic to want to partition to infinity into a simple clone of the illustrious stillborn project. The title proposes to embody a World War I German soldier caught between two realities. The first immerses the protagonist in an abandoned mansion in Berlin, the second projects him into the muddy trenches of the Great War. The adventure will not be quiet, as deformed creatures, whose gaunt designs are largely reminiscent of the works of Francis Bacon, haunt the corridors of one and the cesspits of the other…

In terms of gameplay, the Hekate studio promises complex puzzles and a dynamic game system where the hero’s actions and choices would have a real impact on his environment and on the story.

For the most curious, know that the soundtrack of the software is already partially available SoundCloud. Some would say this is a fine example of a tribute to Akira Yamaoka’s work, between noise and dark melodies. Another reference to the account ofto infinity. It remains to be seen if the software will be able to forge a truly unique identity beyond its own inspirations, or if it will be crushed by them. An appointment is being made for September 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC to make the final judgement.

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