All the abilities of Milio: Discover the new League of Legends champion and the controversial unique mechanic that will make him an essential

A new champion is coming to League of Legends on the occasion of the next Patch 13.6. Riot games had already officially confirmed the release of thousand as a new character. A wizard destined for the support position with a small child aesthetic we had seen in the first advances. However, you no longer need to theorize or imagine what their capabilities do. The developers have accurately and definitively revealed the functions of all the spells of this new hero. One that, we expect, will cause some controversy for its usefulness.

This is how Milio will work in League of Legends games

That’s one of Riot Games’ big goals Milio goes straight to the easy-to-play champions section. Everything points to him thinking he’ll do it since it’s a conventional wizard support. It can increase a teammate’s damage, set up shields, heal, or impede the enemy’s movement enough to protect teammates. Nothing is too crazy for most gamers League of Legends used to this type of hero until we get into two very interesting mechanics. The first is related to his W (Cozy Camp) which increases the attack range of allies or the R (Breath of Life) dat removes control effects applied to it.

So that we can get a clearer picture of how it works before we go any further we’re going to take a look at what exactly each of its abilities does. Please note that the skill names are only preliminary translations.

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  • Passive – Excited: Milio’s abilities enchant allies when they come into contact with them, causing his teammates’ next attack to deal extra damage and burn the target.
  • Q – Ultra Mega Fire kick: Milio throws a fireball that knocks enemies back. After the first impact, the ball bounces over the enemy and lands a little further forward, damaging and slowing opponents in the area of ​​effect.
  • W – Cozy camp: The champion creates a zone that heals allies and increases the attack range of everyone inside. The zone will chase the ally closest to the cast location. You can press W again to move it.
  • E – Warm hugs: Milo throws a shield at an ally of his own, temporarily increasing their movement speed. It has two charges.
  • R – Breath of Life: Creates a wave of flame that heals and removes debuffs from all allies in the area of ​​effect.
Milio features

Milio is not only unique in design, but also in playability

Cozy Camp can become a skill very dangerous due to the ability to heal in the area of ​​effect that can increase the durability of teams, but mainly due to the increase in attack range that it will provide champions. This stat is one of the most important in League of Legends. and Riot Games is almost always very careful when it comes to modding. Caitlyn with bonuses in her attack range isn’t exactly the hero we want to go up against the most. In fact, attack range is usually a very risky change and there is a history of nerfs in similar mechanicslike Death Compass, which reduced the range increase very significantly.

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But perhaps even more dangerous is the potential of his ultimate. It’s actually a kind of utli for Zeri as it generates an explosion around her in an area of ​​effect. However, it does not deal damage, but instead heals allies and removes their movement impediments. It has yet to be determined what types of control effects it will work with and whether it will be able to clear suppressions or aid in takedowns. However, it can become one of the spells with the greatest game-changing power of all League of Legends.

Million final drafts

The best champions to play with Milio

The developers have pointed out that the best character to play with Milio will be Caitlyn and they defined this line as “the new Lucian Nami”. However, they assure that champions “with a lot of attack range and damage per hit” will be the best with the new support thanks to the passive support. In addition, they confirmed that the character will be very weak on his own and that he will have very little health as he is easy to hunt at the start of battles if he makes positioning mistakes.

A new champion arrives in League of Legends: Riot confirms Milio's imminent release and this is his release date

As for the characters he will be able to counter the most, those with great possibilities to apply control effects or that depend on a particular cc to function are the chosen ones. Think of Sejuani, Maokai or other similar heroes. Area damage dealers won’t have a good time either, as Milio can arrive and place two heal zones against very important spells like Orianna’s ult. How this hero handles Malzahar or Skarner’s oppression remains to be seen, but it could be the ultimate counterattack if he can clear it out.

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