Apple is going to improve the LiDAR scanner of its smartphones

Good news for Apple fans, the American giant should equip its next iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max with an improved LiDAR sensor signed by Sony. It must be more economical, but above all more energy-efficient.

iphone 13 lidar

One of the elements that distinguishes the iPhone “Pro” from the others is the photo configuration. Not only do the iPhone Pros have a third telephoto sensor, which should also be replaced by a periscope in the iPhone 15 Pro Max, but there’s also a LiDAR sensor. The LiDAR scanner was first introduced with the 2020 iPad Pro and then added to the iPhone 12 Pro.

The latter helps other sensors take more accurate photos and videos, especially in low-light conditions, but also gives users access to some special augmented reality features. This technology used a time-of-flight sensor to emit lasers and calculate the distance between the device and objects. They are even able to accurately measure people’s height simply by pointing the smartphone at them.

The new LiDAR sensor is signed by Sony

According to information from the famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple plans to replace the LiDAR sensor of the iPhone 15 Pro with a more powerful model. The American giant would this time supply from Sony and would use its VCSEL sensor.

The latter would have the advantage of being many more energy efficient than the one currently used by Apple. So this could help improve the autonomy of its high-end smartphones.

This new LiDAR scanner is not only more economical, but could also offer better performance at the same power consumption as on existing iPhones. ” the critical design of Sony’s ToF VCSEL solution is the integration of VCSEL and driver circuit, which can reduce power consumption or provide better ToF performance with the same power consumption Kuo announces in a tweet.

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Kuo said the improved LiDAR scanner can improve the camera functions, such as night mode and autofocus, as well as augmented reality. In the meantime, we remind you that we already know what the iPhone 15 Pro will look like.

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