Apple’s most “affordable” VR headset would be more expensive than the best Macs

Want Apple’s Virtual Reality Headset? Agreed, but you pay a high, very high price. According to previously leaked information, even the most affordable model would still cost more than most Macs.

The Apple logo on the Apple Store Fifth Avenue, for illustration // Source: Nathan Le Gohlisse for Frandroid

Apple isn’t known for being adept at bringing affordable devices to market… but with its future VR headsets, the brand would have a particularly heavy hand. Several sources have suggested this in recent weeks. The latest to date nevertheless has the merit of being a little more accurate than usual.

We actually learn from itI more that even Apple’s most “accessible” VR headset would still cost more than most Macs on the market today. And rightly so, according to information from Nilkkei Asia, based on ” estimates from analysts and industry executives “The device would be marketed at a price of approximately between $3,000 and $5,000. An extremely unaffordable price placement for a niche product.

At Apple, VR won’t be for mere mortals

Nikkei Asia’s informant, an executive associated with the development of Apple headphones, confirmed that ” the first generation of AR/VR devices will be extremely expensive “. Apple is rumored to be working on a more accessible second generation. However, according to the same source, it will cost the same as a ” high end mac computer without giving more details. To keep in mind an order of magnitude, remember that the MacBook Pro 14 in France starts at 2400 euros.

In detail, Nikkei reveals that Apple’s headphones would be based on Micro OLED screens, which are very expensive and used by the brand for the first time. Indeed, these plates would cost $150 each to produce, more than double that of an iPhone 14 OLED display… and we can count on Apple not skimping.

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Apple would also collaborate with the Chinese Luxshare Precision for the assembly of his helmet. According to Nikkei, this is the first time Apple has relied on him for a first-generation product. Indeed, the subcontractor would have managed to position itself more fairly than Pegatron and Foxconn for the manufacture of this first mixed reality headset. We do learn, however, that Foxconn would also participate in assembling the device to some degree.

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