Barotrauma resurfaces to be released from early access on March 13 – News

In the depths of Europa, Jupiter’s frozen moon, trade is conducted not by freighters, but by intermediate submarines. In this atypical context, you play as an aquatic cigar captain in the making. Unfortunately for you, nasty creatures roam the dark waters and ancient mausoleums stand in your way, not to mention highwaymen and political intrigue. It is this last aspect, by the way Barotrauma overhauls with an all-new faction system.

When the Coalition of Europe officially controls the natural satellite, the Jovian separatists resist their autocracy, by force if necessary. During the campaign, student submarines will now have to choose sides. As usual with this type of system, increasing the reputation in a faction will unlock top toupe traders and higher quality crew members. In return, placing the fin in enemy territory risks strong retaliation.

“Oh no, they put politics in my submarine game…”

To deepen relations with the factions and make them work mainly to your advantage, you will also gain access to a new skill tree, Politician. If it allows you to increase your reputation very quickly, it will also allow you to maximize your crew’s experience gained and access exclusive discounts in in-game shops. That’s necessary to reach the brand new ending of the campaign, which promises to solve at least some of Europe’s mysteries and take you to the most dangerous abyss ever explored.

If you want to dive into the corridors of Barotraumahere’s one making-of published by the developers. Ten years of development is something to celebrate. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning of the journey and other updates will enhance your immersion in the months (years?) to come.

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