Bloomberg reveals sales figures, it’s a trade failure

PSVR 2: According to sales figures revealed by Bloomberg, it is a commercial failure

Released on February 23, 2022, the PlayStation VR 2 would, unsurprisingly, be a commercial failure. It’s Bloomberg announcing the news, numbers to support, basically explaining that Sony’s new virtual reality headset has sold just 270,000 units in a month. So we are still a long way from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s targets, which had expected 2 million headsets sold in the first weeks of marketing. It’s important to take Takashi Mochizuki’s revelations with caution, though, as the last time he reported that PSVR 2 pre-orders were disappointing, the reporter was picked up by Sony Interactive Entertainment, who denied the facts. After intervention by the Japanese manufacturer, Bloomberg had repeated that it was holding very concrete figures. Takashi Mochizuki says he got his grades from a survey conducted byar IDC, which is based on data collected from the market. Of course we still have to wait for the official figures from Sony, but if we have news from the Japanese manufacturer about the number of sales, we can conclude that the disappointment is in place.

If these figures are real, it is a big disappointment for Sony, which would have overestimated the wishes of consumers and their wallets. It must be said that with a price of 600 €, the purchase of the PSVR 2 is clearly not given to everyone, even if we readily admit that the Sony helmet for the built-in technology is quite accessible if we come back to the price / quality ratio. But in the current economic climate and this unprecedented crisis we’re going through, it’s harder for consumers to invest in a new virtual reality headset, when it’s not even backwards compatible with the former and its games. An effective solution remains for the Japanese manufacturer: to reduce the price of its product in order to achieve its objectives. It remains to be seen whether the general public’s interest in VR has not faded over time. Seeing how Meta is a total failure, there’s reason to question…

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PlayStation VR 2

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