Breachforums closes its doors, a new scam targets Orange subscribers, this is the summary of the week

FBI arrests owner of one of the largest hacker forums in the world, if you are an Orange subscriber beware of this new scam, according to OpenAi only 34 professions will not be replaced by AI, this is the summary of the week.

We start this summary ‘with a warning: if you are an Orange subscriber, be careful not to be fooled by this new scam. While the hacker known by the pseudonym Pompompurin has reportedly been arrested by the FBI, the firm Trendforce suggests that mechanical hard drives could soon disappear and Open AI reveals the list of just 34 professions that should be spared by artificial intelligence.

Orange subscribers, beware of this new scam

A particularly well-crafted new scam is currently targeting Orange subscribers. Indeed, hackers try to recover your personal data through a dummy email that imitates the original emails sent by the operator in every possible way. Be careful when you find the address [email protected]don’t click on any links.

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Microsoft technician turns to software hacking

When this independent IT specialist contacted Microsoft customer service because he couldn’t activate Windows, he didn’t expect the technician to use hacking software to achieve his goal. As Bleeping Computer explains, the after-sales technician did indeed retrieve a copy of activation scripts for Windows from the Massgrave site. Microsoft has since assured to investigate.

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One of the largest cybercrime forums in the FBI’s crosshairs

Conor Brian Fitzpatrick, aka Pompompurin, already known to the US secret services, was arrested by the FBI last week. This New Yorker is said to be responsible for one of the largest hacker forums, Breachforums, on which it is possible to purchase stolen personal data from anywhere in the world. The site, which has now been taken down by authorities, had about 330,000 hackers.

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ChatGPT: only 34 transactions would be saved

We all wonder if certain professions are likely to disappear since the advent of ChatGPT. Indeed, artificial intelligence continues to develop and should gradually be adopted by many companies. OpenAI therefore wondered which transactions might be affected by its chatbot, and according to the company, only 34 transactions, all involving manual skills, are spared.

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Are hard drives at risk of disappearing?

Trendforce recently revealed that SSD prices are expected to continue falling this year, making high-capacity storage solutions increasingly affordable. That’s good news for home users, but it means mechanical hard drives with capacities under 2TB and microSD cards of 32 or 64GB could disappear by the end of the year.

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Our tests of the week

Check out our first impressions of Diablo 4

While Diablo IV will be available from June 6, the first beta has been available since March 17 and we had the chance to test the Blizzard Entertainment title. A well-thought-out progression, a very fluid interface, great controls on a controller and breathtaking graphics! To discover our first impressions in more detail, visit our special news.

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Galaxy Book3 Ultra: An elegant and pleasant PC to use

If you are not looking for maximum power and autonomy is not your first criterion, you could be tempted by the Galaxy Book3 Ultra. It’s an excellent PC with an impeccable design that manages sound and heat perfectly. We like the keyboard, which is very nice, but we regret that the trackpad is so poorly placed. It is one of the best ultra-portables with graphics available today, but the price remains high compared to the competition.

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Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G: a quality smartphone for less than 500 euros

If you don’t want to spend more than 500 euros on your next smartphone, but are still looking for a nice screen and great battery life, the Redmi Note 12 Pro+ 5G might be something for you. Please note, this smartphone only runs on Android 12 and its power is modest. Also keep in mind that you won’t have a microSD reader. That said, it remains a well-balanced smartphone with a very interesting price/quality ratio.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake: An exciting game that delivers on all its promises

This remake should delight fans of the original game as it brilliantly reinvents itself without losing any of its flavor to the cult action game. The gameplay is very enjoyable and the graphics are sublime. For more information on Resident Evil 4 Remake, don’t hesitate to check out our news.

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