Buying an electric car for 1 euro, where is the catch?

Autopuzz bought 3,500 Autolib’ and renovated them to resell them to private individuals at very attractive prices. Several hundred copies are still for sale. With bonuses, discounts and the ecological bonus you can even get it for 1 euro. But is it a good plan?

Source: Autopuzz

The final closure of Autolib’ made an impression, as this electric car sharing service had 154,000 subscribers and the use of one of 4,000 electric cars named Blue cars. On the other hand, it also caused significant financial losses that neither the government nor the Bolloré group, which had the delegation, wanted to bear.

Autolib’ provided users with a small car and dedicated parking spaces to cover all journeys between two terminals in the municipalities served. Although the service was loss-making for the communities, it was very useful for the users.

3,500 Blue cars were purchased by Autopuzz from the Bolloré group in order to clean them and replace worn parts (brakes, suspensions, etc.). The idea behind it: resell them to private individuals at a discount.

1 euro Autolib in the best case

Count 5,990 euros and 7,490 euros with paint. These are the discounted prices without tools and other bonuses. The Autopuzz offer is very attractive on paper, with discounts, the conversion bonus (up to 5,000 euros), the ecological bonus (1,000 euros), help from local authorities (metropolitan cities, departments, regions), it is possible to buy an Autolib’ for 500 euros and in some cases even 1 euro. There are still 500 copies left, which you can find in agencies in Bordeaux, Lyon or Lorient and even in Paris.

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However, it should be noted that these Autolib’ are not necessarily a good investment. They are designed for everyday use and not suitable for long journeys due to their limited real range of 150-200 km.

The main problem is the battery (30kWh) which uses lithium metal polymer (LMP) cells and quickly loses range when unplugged, draining completely in just three days. To avoid this, it must be kept at a temperature of 60 degrees, which means that it must be permanently charged when not in use, which consumes a lot of energy, especially in cold weather. In addition, the battery can be damaged after four months without charging, according to manufacturer BatScap.

Limited payload

The charging capacity, which is limited to 4 kW, also makes long journeys more difficult. Indeed, it takes about 10 hours to fully charge the little Bluecar (10 A max on a household socket).

Finally, it is important to note that finding spare parts for Bluecars can be difficult as these cars are no longer mass produced. If the car’s battery is damaged, it can also be difficult to find alternatives, as the batteries are specific to Bluecars.

However, Autopuzz is confident in its ability to provide after-sales support, thanks to its network of partners. Customers can also take advantage of a base warranty included in the offer, as well as an extended warranty offered to cover electronics issues. However, it is important to note that spare parts and after-sales service can become long-term issues for Bluecar owners, especially if demand increases as the cars age.

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