Cassette Beasts Finally Reveals PC Release Date – News

It is a new recruit that ends up in the catalog of the Swedish publisher Raw anger. This is about Band beastsan open-world creature-collecting RPG developed by Bitten Studio. The two partners have finally lifted the veil on the release date by sharing a new trailer showcasing the turn-based combat system. Band beasts is therefore expected for April 26, 2023, but only on PC. It will have to wait until spring for the game to arrive on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass.


Hunting !

In Band beasts, it’s simple, to win, you have to collect. In this title, often compared to a Pokémon, the player lands on the island of New Wirra, filled with strange creatures that he must capture and record on tapes to acquire their specific characteristics to battle. Because indeed, the island is full of hostile creatures that get in the way and prevent the progress of the main character. The player will have to explore every corner of the island in hopes of returning home.

The game promises several features with more than 100 monsters to collect, but also ” combine two creatures to create powerful new forms through the fusion system “, says the press release. In addition, it will also be possible to play in local multiplayer mode to explore the world, but also to be able to fight together.

Band beasts releases on PC on April 26, 2023, and coming soon to Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass.

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