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Surprising association between Electronic Arts and Koei Tecmo, Wild Hearts didn’t come without some success shaking up the codes well established by a Monster Hunter who was too unconcerned about the hunting game. However, if the qualities of Omega Force’s game are to be recognized, its commercial success is yet to be determined, as the game, particularly on PC, has major problems due to its blatant lack of optimization. And if Electronic Arts was counting on Japan to make its butter, it’s sadly a bad start. With 26,905 boxed copies sold on PS5, Wild hearts ranks as one of the worst starts in Monster Hunter-esque history. A genre born as a reminder of the absence of Capcom’s game on PS Vita and of this space that God Eater, Soul Sacrifice, Freedom Wars and other Tôkiden (exactly from Omega Force) tried to occupy. Except that unlike the unfortunate PS Vita, today’s PlayStation audience has no shortage of Monster Hunter, at least a month after the release of Monster Hunter Rise (download only).

Where are the music lovers?

Wild hearts is therefore not even first in the rankings, this honor returns to The Legacy of Hogwarts for the second consecutive week. Dropping just 45% in its second week, the game also confirms that it was out of stock at launch and that Warner Bros. Games clearly underestimate demand. In the other releases of the day, Tales of Symphonia Remastered has sold almost 30,000 on PS4 and Switch, significantly less than the 65,000 sales of the Tales of Vesperia remaster, while Theatrhythm Final Bar Line looks gray compared to the 3DS versions that started over 60,000 units a decade ago.

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On the console sales side, the euphoria on the PS5 side continues with over 88,000 sales for a week and half a million since the start of the year. It’s an understatement to say that fiscal year 2023 is starting off on a much better footing for the Sony Interactive Entertainment console, whose curve has also passed that of the PS4 at the same stage.

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