Destiny and Horizon Star Actor Lance Reddick Dead at 60

If the mainstream press quotes the series The wire, zoom, Bosch and the movies John Wick in his headlines to situate the career of the Baltimore native, Lance Reddick also took a special place in the middle of the video game. A major face of Destiny since the franchise’s debut as Commander Zavala, he also played a major role in 2016’s Remedy’s Quantum Break. A year later, Lance Reddick lent his features and inimitable diction to the enigmatic Sylens, a character with ambiguous intentions from Horizon Zero Dawn made a vengeful return last year in Horizon Forbidden West.

Also last year, Lance Reddick reprized the role of Albert Wesker in the Netflix series resident evil, canceled after one season. In addition to his recurring roles in the franchise Horizon And destinationLance Reddick had just finished filming the series Percy Jackson from Disney + in which we will discover him as Zeus. It will also be released on April 19 Burning banksthe extension of Horizon Forbidden West. It is not yet known whether Lance Reddick has contributed to this extension and therefore whether we can cross his path one last time posthumously.

Bungie was the fastest to pay homage to the character who has guided the saga since the beginning of the franchise. Upon hearing the news, the players of destination And Lot 2 expressed their condolences in their own way by visiting Commander Zavala in La Tour to greet him or posing around him in silence. A simple and touching way to remember that the actor will live forever in the collective memory through his performances and his characters.

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At the end of Horizon zero dawnSylens and Aloy parted ways on the following exchange:

Sylens: ” I did everything I could. From now on, the rest is up to you. »
Aloe: ” Where are you going? »
Sylens: ” Elsewhere. And everywhere. There is so much more to discover before the world ends. »
Aloe: ” And all this? »
Sylens: ” Of course I leave it to you. Turns out it was yours all along. I was just… off limits. »

Sylens: ” I did everything I could. From now on, the rest is up to you. »
Aloe: ” Where are you going ? »
Sylens: ” Elsewhere. And everywhere. I still have so much to discover before the end of the world. »
Aloe: ” And all that? »
Sylens: ” I am of course referring to you. In the end, it was always yours. I was just… an intruder. »

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