Directions to Solve the Wordle in Spanish Today, February 24, 2023: Normal, Accents, and Scientific

Today we tell you how to solve the challenge of word in spanish from February 24 for Normal, Enhanced, and Scientific modes; always without feeling like you’re cheating -a lot-, huh? You know the game: sort of brain with five letter words. As you make proposals, the game tells you which letters are placed correctly; which are in the word, but misplaced; and which are not in the word.

Directions for the Wordle on February 24, 2023

We have decided do not contain bold text in this part of the text so you don’t see glaring details you don’t want to see. Go down carefully so you don’t find out more details than you need.

Normal – #414

  • It starts with “E”.
  • Contains an “R”.
  • It has 3 different vowels.
  • It’s a noun.
  • A prickly animal.

Tildes – #361

  • It starts with “T”.
  • Contains an “M”.
  • It has 3 different vowels.
  • The tilde is at the beginning of the word.
  • It’s a noun.
  • Part of one of the five senses.

Scientist – #348

  • It starts with “H”.
  • Contains an “M”.
  • It has 2 equal vowels.
  • Body part.

Strategies and Tips to Solve Wordle in Spanish

On the one hand, you can follow these mechanisms to cover your back and make it easier:

Make real use of the six opportunities that are used Helpful words.

  • start playing words with vowelssuch as “audio” or “sky”.
  • For the consonantsfocus on the words you can put together with “s”, “r”, “n”, maybe “l”…
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As for advice, everything is very simple, almost intuitive:

  • Respect the views avoiding the letters that aren’t there or placing them where they know they won’t go.
  • Remember that some words may have repeated letters.
  • Try to think without looking at the screen. The guides of what you have achieved and usually do not dominate the next proposals you make, preventing you from seeing it with perspective.
  • Don’t be in a hurry (you have 24 hours) and leave it for now the next time you sit on the toilet or for another time, go. You refresh the brain and you come up with other ideas.
  • The more you play you can do betterbecause on the one hand you get used to that stream of thoughts and your a intuition about the kind of words you can expect.
  • Don’t cheat you will be disappointed and especially don’t reveal the word to other people who feel very bad

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