Discover the reason for the chaotic situation on the island of Sons of the Forest and save the survivors: how to access all the endings of the game

Although we “enjoy” our “vacation” on the island of Sons of the Forest and the company of Kelvin of Virginia when she loses her fear of us, everything must come to an end. and the game of Endless Games is no exception, although it can be difficult to find a way to escape the island.

However, there is a way around access to game credits and a “happiness” (in more quotes than the spelling will allow me) of closure of events that happened on the island. In this guide spoiler free as much as possibleI tell you how to access all the endings of Sons of the Forest.

The end of Sons of the Forest

either because it’s time to go out of the island because we want to go back to civilization, simply out of curiosity, or because every (or almost every) game should have an end, there is a conclusion to the Sons of the Forest plot and to which we have access. The most curious thing about the case is that there are two possible outcomesbut they can all be reached in the same way: through a final cave found in one of the bunkers on the island.

Last bunker card

This bunker in question is of the largest and, curiously enough, it looks more like an underground mansion than the recreation or maintenance facilities we found during our excursions around the island. But the main thing is that it hides a door that, to open it, we must take the golden armor; If you don’t have it, in this guide I’ll explain where it is, along with the katana and golden mask.

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when we inspect the suite I’m talking about (which is reached by a corridor near what looks like an art gallery in the bunker), we’ll see that the bathroom it’s broken in half. But beware, what looks like a white wall in the area where the rubble is, is a dense smoke screen that we can pass through and lead to another part of caves. In it we see one ornate golden gate with a relief of a hand and forearm on it. If we wear the golden armor, we can open the door.

Sonsoftheforest 03 03 2023 8 00 29 90

the last cave

After her there is another tour of caves in which we -of course- will get mutants By the way His a blend between the “Siamese” and the first we saw in the game, but they are no less aggressive or strong for that. I advise you to go well equipped with bullets the shotgun or arrows for the crossbow.

Sonsoftheforest 03 03 2023 8 45 20 573

The tour of this cave is longer than others, and it goes without saying that you avoid areas where there is lava; no armor in the game will protect you from falling to the magma (unlike the mutants, who seem to be running like nothing for now).

If we keep going through the cave, we’ll come to one wider cave and longer than the others. Get ready, because here they will attack you between seven and eleven mutants at the same time, so I also recommend storing grenades or explosives made by you. If we survive and continue, we will reach a crack that shows us instead of bringing us to the surface a scene of which I will not give details so as not to give you spoilers.

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Sonsoftheforest 03 03 2023 8 50 01 39

After the disturbing events we have experienced, we will return to the surface and a helicopter will approach us to get us and the other survivors out, and this is where the possibilities for closing Sons of the Forest open up.

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Sons of the Forest endings

The end standard from Sons of the Forest is to take the helicopter and flee the island, with those who waited for him, and along with Kelvin (if he survived) and with Virginia (if we gain his trust). Needless to say to get the best ending our two companions must go up, although it is possible to see the end with only one of the two.

Sonsoftheforest 03 03 2023 8 51 51 251

The other end is give up to leave the island. In this way, we will just think about how the helicopter drives off with two other survivors of the encounters we witnessed on the island. Kelvin and Virginia stay with us, but unlike the other elections, this one allows us to continue playing from that point; in other words and while he prays the achievement unlocked -and the tattoo we’re wearing- we’ve stayed with “Fight Demons”.

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