Discovery of a пest coпtaiпiпg 100 cobras iп a rice paddy field –

Discovery of a nest containing 100 cobras in a rice field

The longer the hole is enlarged, the more visible hundreds of cobras are wrapped around each other in a narrow hole that looks like a ball.

Dream – Who is not afraid of cobras? Almost everyone would be discouraged if they met this venomous snake. Cobra snake is a type of reptile that is dangerous because it has poison or can be deadly.

Some types of cobras will bite their prey and release poison from their fangs. But there are also cobras that spit poison into the eyes of their victims or prey.

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Whatever type of threat the cobra is, this reptile is still very dangerous. People will definitely avoid or run screaming if they meet a cobra.

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But that’s not the case with the group of youths in the video that aired on the Giant King Cobra Hunter YouTube channel.

The 11-minute and 35-second video initially shows a view of a paddy field. Suddenly there were three young men running fast on the bank of the river near the rice fields.

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They were then joined by a friend who had already been in the rice fields.

Apparently their friend managed to find a hole in the rice field bund which is believed to be inhabited.

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Using a tool similar to a metal detector, they try to find the creatures that inhabit the hole. It didn’t take long for the tool to ring above the mound of earth in the bund where there was a hole.

The young man wearing a white hat carrying a hoe immediately dismantled the mound of earth on the embankment.

After he had had enough, he heard a strange sound from the ground he was hoeing. The youths jumped in surprise and almost fell into the river near the rice fields.

After hearing what kind of noise it had made just now, they were sure what was residing within the mound was a snake.

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Instead of being scared and stopping what he was doing, the young man in the white hat dug into the mound with greater vigour.

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After a while, the youths returned to using their tools to confirm the existence of the snake in the mound of the rice fields.

It turned out that the device sounded quite loud. The youths were even happy because they could finally find a snake nest.

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Using a shovel, the bespectacled youth made a hole exactly where the strange sound was loud.

Not long after, they saw a body with familiar scales poking out of the ground.

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The longer the hole is enlarged, the more visible the coiled snake is of the cobra type.

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You can see dozens or even hundreds of cobras wrapped around each other in a narrow hole that looks like a ball.

As if they had found a treasure, the youths excitedly tried to get all the cobras out of the narrow hole.

The video of the discovery of hundreds of cobras in one hole is viral and invites various comments from netizens.

Most netizens were surprised because the youths easily found cobra nests buried in the ground.

Even though cobra nests were found using tools, netizens have never heard of such a thing as a snake detector.

In addition, the hundreds of cobras found did not look as aggressive as they usually do in the wild.

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The problem is, cobras and other types of snakes will definitely attack anyone who disturbs their nest.

It is impossible for the youths to have special knowledge to subdue the cobra so that it is unable to strike back.

Because of this, many netizens suspect that the video of a young man catching a cobra using a detector is just content.

“I wonder why these snakes are not aggressive and want to bite them, did they use some kind of magic on these snakes?”

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“It was a strange coincidence that they were able to find snakes of all kinds and places congregating in one hole, using a strange tool never heard of before.”

“How come you can meet that many snakes in the same place at the same time. Do they have any knowledge or what?”

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