Do you prefer roll-up screens or foldable screens?

At MWC 2023, rollable screens were in force, but do they stand a chance against foldable screens? Tell us which one you prefer!

Motorola rollable smartphone prototype at MWC 2023 // Source: Frandroid

This week, Barcelona hosted the Mobile World Congress 2023, an annual trade show for new mobile technologies. We have discovered new devices that will be released soon, as well as future technologies. Improved facial recognition, screens that can withstand hammer blows, augmented reality glasses, super fast charging… the inventiveness was there.

The real innovation of the show was in the roll-up screens. It wasn’t the first time we had the chance to see it, but the Motorola smartphone and Lenovo PC showed that prototypes can already be functional.

Rollable screen VS folding screen

Roll-up screens have the same vocation as foldable screens: to offer a larger viewing area in a reduced size when needed. Samsung has long reigned supreme in this sector with its Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, but its dominance is now being challenged by the competition.

So, other brands are entering the foldable screen market, but rollable screens are coming into operation with a similar promise. Of course, the technology is still in its infancy and remains imperfect, but it is still promising. The one who will succeed in imposing himself on a large scale will therefore be the one who will most appeal to the general public.

Hence our question of the week: do you prefer a foldable screen or a rollable screen?


Do you prefer a foldable screen or a rollable screen?

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