Falcom Describes Ys X: Nordics Combat Systems – News

A 17-year-old Adol as a memory in this opus situated chronologically after his very first adventures in Ys I & II but before his discovery of Celceta, in other words before Ys IV. A youth who is the artist you8 brings out a character in the official artwork that Falcom absolutely does not want to grow old. Generally quiet, the latter will be dubbed this time by Yuki Kaji (Eren Jaeger in The Attack of the Titans, Remarkable). 17 is also the age of Carja Varta, the name of the “Pirate Princess” as she is called in the Scandinavian countries. Carja, the only daughter of a certain Grimmson, leads a band of pirates and displays a brutal fighting style typical of the Norman people of which she belongs, wielding her ax and her shield. The actress who will lend her voice to the character has not yet been announced.


Never alone

In any case, Falcom’s intervention is mainly intended to inform us about the systems of this new opus. While the team formula has been in effect since Ys Seven, Falcom is cleaning up, not to return to a system that revolves only around the Adol, but to offer a brand new model called Cross action based on the complementarity between the two protagonists.

With a simple touch Ys X: Scandinavia We will therefore alternate between Solo and Combination mode. In Solo mode, the player embodies either Adol or Carja, and can switch between the two at will, knowing that the artificial intelligence will take care of the unused character. The solo mode is based on fast and nervous movements and the ability to switch characters during an attack to give enemies no chance to retaliate. Enemy speed-based attacks (recognizable by their blue aura) can be dodged automatically thanks to the dash Solo mode, a maneuver that also opens the door for a counterattack.

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In combination mode, Adol and Carja deal more damage by performing simultaneous attacks. Increased striking force accompanied by a noticeable reduction in the speed of movement and dash. To compensate for this loss of dexterity, this mode offers a Guard mechanic. By blocking attacks and using skills exclusive to Combination mode, the player fills up a “Revenge Gauge” that will no doubt be very useful. Power-based enemy attacks (indicated by their red aura) can be deflected using the Guard mechanism. Keep that in mind while you wait to watch all this on video Ys X: Scandinavia will be released in Japan in 2023.

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