FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – SBC Ligue 1 Player of the Month Ben Yedder: Is it worth it? cheap solutions

We continue with the challenges of making FIFA 23 squads that will include us new stars or get different rewards for us Ultimate team of the famous football game of Electronic art.

Let’s go with one today SBC focused on the main European leagues; Today is the Player of the Month Squad Building Challenge (POTM) of the competition 1 from France: Wissam Ben Yedder. With different scenarios, some of them very demanding, we will tell you the solutions cheaper and cheaper and whether it is worth getting him.

Letter Wissam Ben Yedder POTM from Ligue 1

Ben Yedder Potm Stats

He center forward from Monaco is the latest in a list of forward position cards that have been offered to us to expand our FIFA 23 Ultimate Team roster. Being the first attribute that attracts attention his dribbleswith values ​​that they don’t go below 90but that despite the fact that their body and height do not burden them as i could Physical strength and endurance.

Rhythm isn’t bad either, though it’s not the most top notch what is. In Tyre, yes five stars on bad legcombined with the rest of the stats (except long shot) make it one decent finisher. The strides, besides the physical ones, is where he falters the most, although not in an outrageous way. Has a good sightdecent numbers on crosses and short passes (as well as spin) but it is moderate in length; we couldn’t change tires or open it deep, take the ball with us if need be.

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SBC Ben Yedder POTM Ligue 1

This SBC has three scenarios complete and expire within 27 days (March 22nd). The tests are as follows:


  • Goal: Trade a team with players from France.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 85 and at least 1 player from France in the eleven.
Ben Yedder Potm France Solution


Nails high stockings for the first scenario. scream it will be our option to lower the average and lower the price (GRL 87) for 21,250 coins. Others should follow three OVR 86 boost options that should be there 15,000 or 15,500 coins maximum per head.

The rest of the eleven –to six– They could be ORGs 83and your price range should be in between 3,800 coins and the 3,000 as is the case of the “cheap” player of this eleven, Fernando. The set should come out with an amount of 93,850 on consoles or 99,350 on PC.

competition 1

  • Goal: Trade a squad with Ligue 1 players.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 87 and at least 1 player from Ligue 1 and TOTW in the eleven.
Ben Yedder Potm Ligue 1 Solution A


By the most expensive seen recently. THE TOTW of Vlahovic Through 28,750 It’s not the biggest expense; we need to have Kane and Kimmich or something like that GRL 89 top cut. Both are currently worth it 37,250 coins each. We need one more second GRL 88 as ter Stegen before 28,250 square means.

The following are Lloris (OVR 87 for 20,250) and Jordi Alba as the sole anchor option; de culé with a cost of 12,000 coins. The rest of the eleven would be GRLS 84 with prices in between 5,600 and the 5,500included perisicthat although the image currently marks 0 costs those amounts. The transaction for this scenario is approx 185,950 coins on consoles or 209,350 on PC.

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in top shape

  • Goal: Trade a squad containing a Team of the Week (TOTW) player.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83 and at least 1 TOTW player in the eleven.
Ben Yedder in top form solution


Surprisingly, the last scenario is the cheapest of the three, while it is usually the other way around. The main expense is a modest Guerreiro for 16,000 as demand TOTW, which we are already using to lower averages and costs. We reinforce with Di Maria (GRL 84) for 5,700 which follows for the same price and the same average handanovic.

The anchors half is for Hojbjerg and Zapata for 4,000 and 3,200 coins respectively. We would close the remaining gaps with five GRLs 81 whose price would be between Kulusevski’s 1,000 coins or Adans 900, or the 850 of the others. We would talk about some 39,900 on consoles or 42,100 on PC.

Is Ligue 1 SBC Ben Yedder POTM worth it?

rarely one not recommended it was like that clearly. It’s not that it’s a bad card, but it just doesn’t bring game-changing stats to the table or make us go “ooohh!” doing. More than 300,000 coins for a letter that is “of the party”, as they say –however POTM it is– It’s not acceptable, and less so for someone who is just the one of the month.

Apart from the discreet that is, the second scenario would force the use of non-transferable stockings, which would certainly be the case better invested in more unique map challenges like TOTY Icons or just an Icon. If you are looking for a good version of Ben Yedder, better iinvest in the market from non-transferable in one of the versions “En Forma“, since they cost a third of their POTM version and share almost the same numbers.

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As always, remember these prices can fluctuate at any time, but overall the values ​​we’ve given you should enable you to achieve this without going over budgetthat if you want to learn how to economize, you can respond Ultimate team There are a few recommended options for those starting out in the game.

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