FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – SBC Man of the Month Marcel Halstenberg: Is it worth it? cheap solutions

We continue the challenges of making FIFA 23 squads that will include new stars or get us different rewards Ultimate team of the famous football game of Electronic art.

We have a new man of the month which belongs to the current promotion of Rumbo a las Finales: Marcel Halstenberg, which receives a special card for the first time in addition to the regular gold version. We tell you the solutions cheap and affordable to get it and if it’s worth it.

Letter from Marcel Halstenberg Man of the Month (MOTM)

Halstenberg Motm Statistics

He central defence from RB Leipzig has something interesting numbers to be the first alternate version and an unusual promotion. In defense he has a very good ability to steal and intercept, and while the input is somewhat low, it makes up for it with good values ​​in Strength, Aggression, Jumping, and Resistance; Come on, what have you got? an excellent physicist.

on dribbles not the most agileIt’s a pity, because you can’t take advantage of the type of body he has, tall and average, which would combine well with the already mentioned stats in physique. But despite his poor eyesight, he has some passing grades that are land would make it possible to build plays. In the event that he needs to finish on goal, he is not the most suitable, although he has shooting power, but those three stars on a bad leg they throw it away especially if there are other options; only as a last resort. Finally, despite being a defender, he has a good speedalthough it is better that he starts comfortably from the back because of his moderate pace.

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SBC Marcel Halstenberg MOTM

This SBC has two scenarios complete and expire in six days (March 2nd). The tests are as follows:


  • Goal: Trade a team with players from Germany.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 82 and at least one player from Germany.
Solution Halstenberg Germany


Cut off stockings can be somewhat long in this first scenario, but it’s not outrageous. To be safe and since they are not very expensive, we start with them four GRLs 83 which should cost us a lot of money 9,800. The good news is that this is the bulk of the release. as an option of anchor at 82 we need Burns for 1,600.

The rest of eleven can be composed exclusively from stockings GRL 80 what will they cost between 500 and 400 coins. The set should come out with an amount of 14,100 on consoles or 13,200 on PC


  • Goal: Trade a squad with Bundesliga players.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83 and at least one Bundesliga player.
Halstenberg Bundesliga solution


As expected, the average GRL 83 represents a noticeable jump. DeVrij (GRL 84) should be our temporary option 4,800 coins. Interestingly, this solution is composed of up to seven anchor options average of GRL’s 83. Fortunately, they don’t increase in price much; will be the most demanding Koke and Hradecký for 2,600 coins each. Others between 2,500 and 2,400 for beard.

We can close the eleven with three grl 81 if uribe in gold version 800And savanier and gabriel for the same amount. In the end, it is not an expensive scenario at all: 24,600 on consoles or 23,550 on PC.

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Is Halstenberg’s SBC worth it as a MOTM?

there are others more interesting options than Halstenberg as central defender, but from the numbers he has it is interesting against him as an alternative is not unreasonable. Initially the price of your SBC is very affordableit doesn’t even reach 40,000 FUT coins, so you could say it’s a steal, and it’s requirements are not exaggerated.

It is a pity that the envelopes that come with their screenplays be nothing of the other thursday. That partially inclines me to recommend it, but only for players who don’t have really powerful players yet in his Ultimate Team. That is, those who have recently arrived in the game. The others, unless you’re avid collectors, aren’t worth it.

As always, remember these prices can fluctuate at any time, but overall the values ​​we’ve given you should enable you to achieve this without going over budgetthat if you want to learn how to economize, you can respond Ultimate team There are a few recommended options for those starting out in the game.

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