FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – SBC Mario Balotelli Player Flashback: Is It Worth It? cheap solutions

We continue the challenges of making FIFA 23 squads that will include new stars or get us different rewards Ultimate team of the famous football game of Electronic art.

Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) keep coming, targeting players who may not be the TOP in their leagues or teams right now, but who at that time they were the best. The latest to join the bandwagon of “old glory” with a letter that recalls its best days is Mario Balotelli with a version flashback and what we can get by completing their scenarios. We explain solutions cheap and affordable and whether it is worth it

Card Mario Balotelli Player Flashback

Balotelli Flashback Stats

He center forward from FC Sion (of the Swiss first division), finds in this Flashback version a reflection of what it was at its best: an asset among the internees in the rival area. Starting with his pace, he has acceleration and speed capable of leaving his pursuers behind. He combines it with a physique that, while not particularly aggressive, has sufficient strength and endurance to resist the attacks.

His strengths are his dribbles thanks to his stats, which while not overwhelming, work well with his body type and the five stars in watermarks. This should allow him to reach the rival goal and complete many plays on his own. However, it is just as capable admit long shots, although his position and completion, along with the four stars of bad leg, weigh him down a bit. In a pinch, you could be trying to give a short passbut it is not recommended because of the poor visibility and because it should it’s your job to leave behind to the line of defence.

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SBC Mario Balotelli flashback

This SBC has two scenarios complete and expire within a week (February 22) The tests are as follows:


  • Goal: Exchange a squad with players from Italy.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 83 and at least 1 player from Italy in the eleven.
Baloteli Flashback Italy Solution


At the moment, no major spending is needed in this SBC, at least not in the first scenario where joginho Someone takes the cat with the average price of averages GRL 85 and price for 14,250 FUT Coins. add to Bonucci and Chiesa (GRL 84) through 10,300 for bothcan we limit ourselves to reaching the single anchor option medium Aneglino (2,500).

This allows us to focus on economic options to complete the eleven:two GRL 82 (Núñez and Gabriel Paulista for the case we have) for 3,500and filled the rest of the gaps exclusively with GRLs 81 with prices ranging from 900 to 750 coins per head The total amount must be 35,250 on consoles or 33,650 on PC.

in top shape

  • Goal: Trade a squad with a Team of the Week (TOTW) player.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 84 and at least 1 TOTW player in the eleven.
Baloteli Flashback in top form solution


In this second scenario, with the team of the week update, the best option to reduce media costs and meet the requirement TOTW is Uribe for 15,500but we will still need it other of its own GRL (85) if we want to balance them without ruining ourselves; Diogo Jota is the best option for 14,000.

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Next is to get five GRLs 84 with prices going up to at most 5,100 coins like Martinezand in any case 4,900 from Bonucci. The remaining four holes are for figures of GRL 82 with prices around 1,500 currency except “discount” if Chilwell for 1,400. The set should come out with an amount of 60,500 on consoles or 59,500 on PC.

Is The Mario Balotelli Flashback SBC Worth It?

It’s hard to pass judgment that is scored made points for or against. The price is not one of the highest out there, and I would even say so It’s economic. The problem arises when we see that it’s hard to make chemistry by league or team; at least by country, though there are better options.

On the other hand, it has something numbers in its specialty that sticking out and it is practically impossible to miss them. Admittedly, they are also not the most TOP, but I repeat that the price is not a barrier, although yes, try to supplement it with non-transferable socks. It’s a flashback card without being essential, not superfluous.

As always, remember these prices can fluctuate at any time, but overall the values ​​we’ve given you should enable you to achieve this without going over budgetthat if you want to learn how to economize, you can respond Ultimate team There are a few recommended options for those starting out in the game.

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