FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – SBC World Cup Icon Gary Lineker: Is It Worth It? cheap solutions

We continue the challenges of making FIFA 23 squads that will include new stars or get us different rewards Ultimate team of the famous football game of Electronic art.

And it is that they have made themselves available again to complete something SBC players with World Icon versions. Among them is the Gary Linker. Although these building challenges are usually expensive and long, this is one of the “easy” ones, so we want to give you the most cheap and affordable and whether it is worth it.

Letter Gary Lineker Icon of the World Cup

Gary Linkener Stats

He center forward who was one of the standouts of FC Barcelona in his time and Tottenham Spurs has in this version of world cup icon a figure as an attacker of the most varied and competent in his specialties. First of all your rhythm warranties that speed and acceleration will allow him to reach the goal compared to the average of many defenders. And when it comes to finishing, even if it only exceeds the attack and end position, the rest of the values ​​are made by someone recommended to finish playseven with four stars on a bad leg.

In fitting is where it falters the most As a striker, but he is capable of providing decent short assists if someone else from the striker or midfield joins him in attack. On the dribbling side, he has a pretty poor average in balance, though he stays compensated for your body type and height, in addition to Strength which, while not high, is sufficient to resist attacks; are not included properly ball control, anticipation and agility. Physically, his jump is acceptable and his resistance will allow him to perform well throughout the game, as long as we don’t put too much strain on him.

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SBC world icon Gary Lineker

This SBC has four scenarios complete and expire within 87 days (May 19). The tests are as follows:

Legend cream

  • Goal: Trade a team with 11 unique bronze players.
  • Requirements: Players of exactly Bronze quality.
Lineker Legend cream solution


You already know the first scenes of the Icons: a simple requirementin this case all bronze players but with the particularity that they must be unique. You don’t have to break your head or bag often. Considering that Berardi it is the most expensive (550) and that of the others about 300 FUT Coins, except Zubrowski for 250completing it shouldn’t cost us more than 3,500 on consoles.

On PC, curiously due to market fluctuations we can go to 10,750It’s not an outrageous price though, but perhaps those of you who play in compatible games will prefer it improvise a bit with the solution.

new promise

  • Goal: Trade a squad of 11 unique Silver players.
  • Requirements: Players exactly of Silver quality.
Lineker New Promise solution


The second implies an increase in the quality of the “metal”, but with current prices it does even simpler than the previous one. Absolutely all players are up a prize of 500 FUT Coinswhich means we can complete it for a grade of approx 5,500 on consoles u 8,300 on PC.

Forward from the Barcelona

  • Goal: Complete this challenge from Lineker’s time at FC Barcelona.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 81 and at least one Barça player in the eleven.
Barcelona Attacker Lineker Solution


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This is already a bit more standard and is more like what we are used to. Christensen becomes our cutting option and later cheaper (besides coming from Barcelona). GRL 82 and somewhat modest 2,100 FUT Coins. We have to look after him six grl 81 which -except Akanji for 750- should cost us 700 per head.

The four remaining eleven holes are ahead three ORG 80 (Dier and Javi Galán for both 1,100 coins and Arambarri for 600) and a GRL 79 like Matic from the example. The set should come out with an amount of 8,850 both on consoles and PC.

Best English football

  • Goal: Complete this challenge from Lineker’s days at Tottenham Spurs.
  • Requirements: Average rating of 84 and at least 1 Spurs player in the eleven.
Lineker Soccer English solution


We have arrived at the last leg, that of Tottenham. Prices are homogeneous if we stick to the solution, although somewhat high, but not at all from the levels of other icons. can be completed stick to media anchors. We need nine GRLs 84. Prices included between 5,400 coins and 5,300.

Thus we can fill the two remaining spaces with two ORG 83Fernando and Romero (Spurs required) for 5,400 both; essentially they are a two for one of the above. The price of this operation is 53,700 on consoles or 52,100 on PC.

Is the world icon Gary Lineker SBC worth it?

Normally, the main brake when trying to get one Player icon is the high price of his SBC, but in this case this rule does not apply, since barely hits 75,000 Full cost FUT Coins. Then it might seem like we’re dealing with a mediocre letter. That’s not the case either. While their number is not greater, they are not shooting down or average either; I’m considering it personally a good striker.

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In short, me i would recommend this sbc, whether you want to do it by market or with non-transferable stockings. Not a bad option and will be available a lot of time. Enough to collect what you need to complete it even more economically.

As always, remember these prices can fluctuate at any time, but overall the values ​​we’ve given you should enable you to achieve this without going over budgetthat if you want to learn how to economize, you can respond Ultimate team There are a few recommended options for those starting out in the game.

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