finally a sequel, 8 years later, first trailer and info

Cities Skylines 2: finally a sequel, 8 years later, first trailer and info

It took Paradox Interactive eight years to deliver a sequel to Cities Skylines, the city builder that appeared on PC in 2015 and two years later on PS4 and Xbox One, and which has sold a whopping 12 million copies worldwide. For this second installment, the developers have big ambitions, starting with the possibility of creating all kinds of cities, from a simple village to a large sprawling metropolis. The gameplay will probably be explained in detail later, but we’ve been promised growth management, an economy to monitor and an entire transportation network to set up as well. It is the Colossal Order studio that is in development and aware of the importance of this project that will see the light of day this year in 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series. Here’s the first trailer.

City skylines 2

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