Gaijin Announces Aces of Thunder Air Combat Simulation For PS VR2 – News

As you may have guessed, Gaijin draws on the experience gained with War thunder, mobilizing experienced developers within a new internal team, created especially for the occasion. Thereafter, Aces of Thunder will adopt the flight and damage models of its predecessor. The difference lies in the control, which the Eastern European editor wants as detailed as possible. Sitting in a digital cockpit, all controls will be (or nearly) usable, simulating a real experience as closely as possible. Turbulence aside, that goes without saying (unless you’re playing on a spinning washing machine). Gaijin mainly relies on the OLED screen and haptic feedback to make the difference.


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On the content side, Aces of Thunder will focus on World War II aircraft to begin with, with some fun peek-a-boos like the Spitfire and P-51 Mustang. Future updates will allow for exploration of other major aviation eras. Good news: all planes can be purchased for free. uh yes, Aces of Thunder follows an old-school premium model where you have to play to unlock content and cosmetics, not get the blue card. Everyone will be able to compete on an equal footing in competitive modes, which range from duels to tag team matches to rules amended. Great promises that immediately put this project on our radar.

Aces of Thunder will be released later in 2023, without details for now. In the meantime, you can always use the official site.

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