game joins Xbox Game Pass, all details

Sid Meier's Civilization VI: The Game Joins Xbox Game Pass, Full Details

Civilization VI, released on PC in October 2016, then two years later on Nintendo Switch, and finally in November 2019 on PS4 and Xbox One, is entitled to an Xbox Game Pass release. Enough to revive interest in this title that had seduced lovers of 4X, making it possible to take advantage of different cultures and civilizations. Spain, India, Germany, Congo (yes with a K), Italy, Egypt, Greece, the Sumerians, there are a whopping 27 civilizations on offer for Xbox Game Pass members. We remind you that it is possible to improve the culture of your people, to play with the faith of the latter by building religious monuments, but also to assert military power. 2K Games nevertheless specifies that it’s only the base game available on the Xbox Game Pass, the rest of the DLC being sold separately. Wasp not crazy.

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