GeForce Now picks up Xbox and Activision Blizzard games

Nvidia managed to pull out of the game in the negotiations between Microsoft and the authorities about the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The GeForce Now service will significantly strengthen its catalog.

The Future Universe Of Xbox Studios If The Acquisition Goes All The Way // Source: Twitter Screenshot / @Klobrille

In early 2020, after years of beta testing, Nvidia officially launched its GeForce Now cloud gaming service. At that point, publishers who left their games on the service during testing withdraw their marbles. New subscribers to GeForce Now see the games from Activision Blizzard and Bethesda disappear one after the other. A blow to the service.

Since then, Bethesda has been acquired by Microsoft and Activision Blizzard is the subject of an acquisition project by the same group. On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Microsoft and Nvidia announced the signing of a historic agreement on GeFore Now.

Xbox games now, call or takeover continues

Microsoft and Nvidia announce that they have signed a 10-year agreement that extends access to ” Xbox PC games on Nvidia GeForce Now “, thereafter ” it will also allow Activision Blizzard’s PC titles like Call of Duty to stream on GeForce NOW after Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision ends Where Xbox Cloud Gaming relies on an Xbox console architecture, Nvidia’s GeForce Now cloud gaming takes a PC approach. Microsoft games must therefore be available on PC to be adapted to GeForce Now. This is the case with a large number of Microsoft games.

Unlike the agreement with Nintendo that only provides for the arrival of the license duty on the platforms of the Japanese manufacturer, the agreement with Nvidia, should the takeover come to an end, is much broader. Here the deal goes into effect immediately for Xbox games available on PC. In other words, even if the acquisition fails, Nvidia won the negotiations to get such games back Forza Horizon, Halo or the future Fable. Microsoft and Nvidia say integration of Xbox games into GeForce Now will begin now. Additionally, if the acquisition is made, the agreement will include Activision Blizzard games and not just Call of Duty. This could signal the arrival of World of Warcraft on a cloud gaming service.

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Note that the press release does not specify whether Bethesda games are covered by this agreement. Microsoft is often careful to distinguish Xbox Game Studios games from Bethesda games. So not sure if we can play Star field Or Eternal fate on GeForce Now.

Games you already own

Remember that the GeForce Now service is based on the BYOG principle: Bring your own game. Unlike Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is currently based on a catalog subscription with the Xbox Game Pass, Nvidia lets you play the games you already own across multiple stores.

In the press release, Microsoft and Nvidia specify that the agreement includes the arrival of games purchased from the Microsoft Store in GeForce Now, as well as Microsoft games purchased from the Epic Games Store or on Steam.

Winner winner for Microsoft

Microsoft’s signing of this agreement at a time when the proposed acquisition is being negotiated in the UK and the European Union is good news for the giant. First, it now guarantees Nvidia’s support for the acquisition project.

In the case of the United Kingdom, the competition authority had identified cloud gaming in particular as a high-risk market for this project. Hereby, Microsoft guarantees access to its own licenses and those of Activision on its competitor’s service. So the authority could be receptive to it.

In addition, since GeForce Now relies on purchased games, this deal should boost Microsoft’s revenue as well. This will prompt GeForce Now subscribers to pay for Microsoft games on Steam, the Microsoft Store, or Epic Games. This is the same reason that pushes Microsoft to offer most of its games on Steam in addition to its own store and subscription. Xbox games are regularly top sellers on Steam, a sign of a profitable strategy for the giant.

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