Getting Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for free and for life: It’s easier than it looks

That subscription service from Microsoft, Game Pass is one of the most recent milestones for the company and the industry is no secret. The subscription that the North American giant offers its users is one of the best options to enjoy an immense and quality catalog on our consoles Xbox Series S or X or on our PCs.

But which can be a secret for many it is that there is a way to remain subscribed to the Ultimate version of the service de for life and you don’t have to payand it is only necessary to navigate a bit through the official Microsoft website and complete a series of activities that takes us no more than a few minutes a day. Let me tell you how you do that in this guide.

What is Game Pass Ultimate?

The edition Ultimate of Game Pass is the most complete of the three offered on the official Microsoft website for its service, and includes different benefits and exclusive corporate benefits along with an additional subscription to EA Play from Electronic Arts, plus everything what’s in the versions Golden standard of service

Game Pass subscriptions

It may be the first time we subscribe for a single euro, and it’s a way of giving those who want to try it a month-long trial to see if the service convinces them; After those first 30 days, users can opt out after trying, or continue to subscribe for the fee that has been determined on the web page (10 euros per month for the console or PC version, or 13 for the Ultimate versionwhich includes both platforms in one offer).

It’s a fairly cheap service, for what it costs a cubata on the nights we go out. but there is another way to extend our stay in this service, and without paying anything: the Microsoft Rewards program.

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How to stay subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate for free

Before you tell the trick to stay subscribed to Game Pass Ultimate, you are going to do that need the following itemsbecause having it will help you achieve the goal of this guide: redeem at least 14,000 reward points for a monthly subscription employ.

I know, it seems like a lot, but don’t worry, you’ll see later there aren’t that many of them to achieve in a month, and you will achieve even more as you level up. in essence It’s like doing the ”quests” in a video game which you can earn XP or money to get new skills or equipment. But for what we’re going to do, first make sure you have it at least two of the following options To collect those points quickly:

  • a to console Xbox (series S or X, it doesn’t matter), with internet access and the Microsoft Rewards app installed on it.
  • a telephone (can be Android or iPhone) and the Xbox Game Pass app installed.
  • A computer with internet and Microsoft Edge browser.

If you have all three, so much the better, because you will accumulate points faster. Let’s start collecting points from your console, if you have one, or from the mobile application.

Earn points in the Rewards app on the console

This is the part that you’re definitely going to do it and you won’t even find out If you are used to being regular players of a Microsoft console. If you have installed the rewards application (both on console and mobile), in the tabs different objectives will emerge. This can be as simple as viewing a promotion and offer (no need to buy it neither include in desired), try a specific game, or get a certain performance or activity in any of the games listed in your catalog or in Game Pass itself.

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All you have to do is meet those conditions and we will start adding points. There are also other tasks that we can do on a daily and weekly basis, and complete them in a sequence (do all daily or weekly over a period of time) will add a juicy bonus of points to what we have.

Screenshots Mobile Game Pass

Collect points from the Microsoft Rewards website

The other method of getting these points if you don’t have your mobile or console handy is Go on the web Microsoft Rewards. However, keep in mind that it will prompt you to use the bing browser. I know what it costs to use a different browser, but if we take into account that the activities only last a few minutes, it’s not such a big sacrifice either; nothing prevents you from continuing to use the “trusted” later when you complete the weekly or daily goals.

In it you will find another set of goals and it works in the same way as the mobile app or the console, with the peculiarity that this is not about playing games, but about visit some web pages or perform certain activities navigation.

Web activities 1

Don’t worry, just like on mobile or console, you can only use it for these activities and then go back to chrome or any of the others you use regularly. These activities are reversed testing or test functionality of Microsoft’s own browser.

The work will be replaced regularly; I warn you that some will need it you answered correctly to get the maximum number of points; but don’t worry, this is not a school or college exam, you can use chops (another tab to search for answers), and others will just join in and fill them in, even if we don’t get one right. If we mess around every day and we are finishing those it proposes to us, we will see our balance begin to increase in points.

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Web activities 2

Sony responds to Microsoft's offer and makes its position clear: "It will irreparably damage competition and innovation in the industry"

Redeem points for Game Pass subscriptions

With this daily activity routine – which, I repeat, will bring you like much less than an hour by completing them daily, points can be accumulated very quickly, especially if you are constant thanks to daily and weekly streaks. Now comes the good part: once you’ve collected enough points, you can redeem them for a month or three subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Set goals

The subscription monthly it’s going to cost you 14,000 points (12,000 if you are level two users), and the quarter (the best value) 42,000 (35,000 on level two). While it will cost you to collect the highest amount at the beginning, it’s perfectly doable to get those for a month and still have points left; so that Reserve for serving the next and keep collecting until you level up and the points requirement is lowered. On the web they offer you the option of goal getting those subscriptions as redeeming for points on a regular basis, and that way you can track your progress easier.

Prizes In Game Pass Points

Once you reach the required amount, all you have to do is exchange the points for it and ”voilà”, You already have access for a month or a quarter (depending on what you chose) to Game Pass. Best of all, you’re subscribed pays off immediatelysince many promotions to earn points require you to use Game Pass services to collect even more points, which means Are you interested in continuing to play? to redeem those points within 30 or 90 days to keep you employed.

think about the system like in an MMORPG where initially you might pay a fee to play the game, but so what if you play and surf regularly you don’t have to pay anything further.

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