God of War: How to get the armor of Zeus

God of War was an extremely drastic change for the franchise, tweaking many of the gameplay mechanics and adding an RPG twist to it. Thus, the title of 2018 presents a huge variety of armorbut today we will only focus on what is possibly the most powerful: the zeus armor. we will explain how can you get it and above all what should you take into account when you use it as it is not an armor to use for everyone.

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God of War Best Armor (2018)

There is no doubt that the zeus armor It’s one of the best in the entire game, if not the best (if you know how to use its full potential, of course). To achieve this we will have to beat one by one toughest bosses of the entire title: the dreaded Valkyries.

God Of War 2018 Hildr

You must defeat the Valkyries on the highest difficulty to get the armor.

And it’s not worth doing it on easy difficulty, on the contrary you will have to beat them on difficulty ‘I want God of War’. If you were looking for a real challenge, you’ve certainly found it. This difficulty level is not only limited to increasing the damage the different enemies can deal, but can also add new ones attack patterns.

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Apart from the challenge itself, you will gradually acquire all parts of Zeus’ armor as you defeat the Valkyries. But this poses an important dilemma: will increase exponentially the damage Kratos can do, but also the damage you take. The enemies will deal you more damage than usual, so you have to learn their attack patterns very well to dodge at the right time and get as few hits as possible as they can be deadly.

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In return, Kratos will also see his offensive ability much increased. That is why we emphasized at the beginning of this contribution that it is not an armor for everyone, but undoubtedly the best of the whole game if you master it and are not afraid to take risks.

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