here is the new address of the pirate site in March 2023

YggTorrent needs to change address again. To know everything about the pirate torrent site, to know the procedure to bypass any restrictions, here is a complete guide about it. Here we go !


Yggtorrent is regularly blocked by French ISPs, but also by Google, which often removes hundreds of pages from the site from its search engine. Or, as recently, because the Registrar, Tucows, decided without further details to seize his domain name.

As always, the parade of administrators is changing address. Like Zone Download in March 2023, Yggtorrent has moved again, and this time it’s heading to Reunion!

🔎 Yggtorrent, what is it for and how does it work?

Yggtorrent is a site that refers to torrents. It does not host anything, but gives access to hundreds of thousands of trackers, which offer the possibility to download and share music, films, series, software…. The download site uses the BitTorrent protocol. So you need adequate software such as qBittorrent, Transfer Or Deluge. All these applications are compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

yggtorrent registration

Once one of these applications is installed on your PC or Mac, all you need to do is visit Yggtorrent, click one of the links on the site (the famous torrent trackers), and voila. The download will start immediately. However, note thatyou need to register on the site to view the catalog. Another limitation: if you want to download content, you should also share what you have recovered or offer new torrents. If you delete or move files from your hard drive and you have nothing left to share, you won’t be able to download anything. The whole principle of torrents is based on sharing, it’s give and take.

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🤔 Why is connecting to Yggtorrent sometimes complicated?

The platform took over from T411 in 2017 and has since endured several hardships. For example, Belgium has blocked YggTorrent in the past. In December 2017, YggTorrent changed its interface to be back in Google search results. T411 also used a similar method to avoid blocks that ISPs put in place at the request of the courts. We remind, illegal downloading of copyrighted content is prohibited by law.

🆕 What is YggTorrent’s new address?

If you’re a user of the site, you’ve probably noticed that the site is unreachable via the “.nz” (corresponding to a New Zealand domain) or “.re” (corresponding to a Reunion domain) extension. ). To connect to the site, you now have to go directly to:

The change was made official on the site’s official Twitter account. Despite this change of address, Yggtorrent remains the same site with the same interface and user accounts. Note that the previous old domain name is still active and now redirects you to the new link.

⚙ How to bypass restrictions and change DNS?

Finally, you may also need change DNS or opt for a VPN to get there. For example, try configuring the Primary DNS at and the Secondary DNS at It should work.

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