here’s our ultimate selection of essential accessories

Your new Tesla Model Y is coming soon? Here’s our pick of the best essential accessories to protect, organize or personalize your vehicle.

If the Tesla Model Y offers a lot of usable volume, some point to the lack of practical storage space to organize your things. In addition, some personalization elements may be missing, both inside and out. We are therefore going to share with you our selection of the most useful accessories, between protections, organizers, hubcaps or carpets for the trunks, you will surely find what you need below.

Tesla Model Y: interior accessories


The center console of the Tesla Model Y is certainly roomy, but it lacks practicality. To properly organize your personal items, a sliding tray is already available for less than 20 euros. Likewise, the space under the armrest is deep, but will quickly become disorganized without a tray to separate the compartments. A set of several parts to organize the entire center console is available for around 40 euros.

The Tesla Model Y center console: deep, but impractical // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

The Tesla Model Y’s seats are quite high in the front, which makes it possible to use the space between the floor and the bottom of the seat to slide in drawers, especially to store some personal belongings. Count around 40 euros each. Finally, for around €40, there’s a custom-made storage box for the space between the two front row seats, so you can neatly organize the small accessories you need to have close at hand.

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The mats originally supplied by Tesla are not the most effective, especially in the winter period when it is more common to carry water or dirt with you. Much better quality carpets are available for the interior, around 150 euros. They are water resistant and easy to clean, while perfectly matching the contours of the cab.

The original carpets and pedals of a Tesla Model Y Performance // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

If the Tesla Model Y Performance already has a set of aluminum pedals, this is not the case for the Long Range or Propulsion versions. A set of pedals to replace the original rubber pedals is available for around 25 euros, with a choice of color as a bonus.

Tesla Model Y: accessories for the trunk

Protective mat

The trunk volume of the Tesla Model Y is gigantic, which offers space in particular for large items, even bicycles or other electric scooters. In order not to damage or soil the boot lining, easy-to-clean, water-resistant protective mats (front, rear and under the boot) are available for around 130 euros.


With such a bulky trunk, small items will necessarily wander back and forth during cornering or acceleration phases. There are two fairly deep compartments on either side of the trunk, but they are not protected or covered. Two bins with custom-made lids are available for around 60 euros, so that small fragile items are properly secured.

The new Tesla Model Y deliveries include a parcel shelf to hide luggage from the trunk, but it’s not the most practical. There is an alternative in the form of a more conventional sliding parcel shelf for around 100 euros.

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The rear shelf of the Tesla Model Y // Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

Finally, to make better use of the front boot, there are hooks available for around 17 Euros that secure bags securely so they don’t topple over.

Tesla Model Y: useful protections

The screen in Tesla vehicles is the center that controls everything. By transporting a lot in the front, it is possible that an accident will occur and that the glass plate will be damaged. Fortunately, there are tempered glass protections for less than 25 euros.

Source: Bob JOUY for Frandroid

If kicking the doors is your obsession, or if you don’t want marks on the foamed plastic of the interior, decals that visually adopt the same material as the original are available for less than 20 euros. This way you are assured of an original upholstery as new, even your passengers are not the most careful.

For about 30 euros you protect the trunk sill, which is easily damaged when loading or unloading luggage. If you are concerned about this, it is better to invest in protection from the start, which will keep the original part in mint condition.

Tesla Model Y: outdoor accessories

Tesla offers various accessories for its vehicles in its online store. Of these, one is particularly useful on the Model Y: a protective film. Cut to partially cover the rear door, it is used to avoid a weak point of the Tesla Model Y. Indeed, in this precise location, small road debris and other debris easily accumulate, which can damage the paintwork. term. For 60 euros you have enough to protect both sides.

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Anti-scratch film for Model Y // Source: Tesla

A set of two plastic mudguards is also available for paint and body protection for 43 euros. Particularly for owners who often drive on salty roads in winter, it is highly recommended that they be installed so as not to damage the lower parts of their Tesla Model Y.

Vehicle customization isn’t Tesla’s forte, which is why many manufacturers are racking their brains to offer a variety of accessories. If you don’t like the original Model Y 19-inch wheels, be aware that there are different hubcaps than the ones that come with the vehicle. You can find them for less than 200 euros that adapt the appearance of the vehicle, in different colors.

Tesla Model Y: Storage for sentry mode and music

If Teslas now come standard with a 32 GB USB key, this is often not enough to store media and videos from the on-board camera or sentry mode. Two choices are then possible, depending on the amount of data you need to store. The economical solution is to purchase a small microSD card reader, for example with a 128 GB card. The second option is to take one of today’s most popular external SSDs and connect it to the USB port in the glove compartment.

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