Hogwarts Legacy Has No Quidditch, But It Has A Magic Bowl: 7 Tricks To Have No Rival On The Summon Track

At Hogwarts Legacy we find all kinds of challenges and one of them is the Calling job. This mini game allows us to sort of play magic petanque use the spell action and complete a series of missions that will help us complete the game 100% and get the achievement “The Good Samaritan”. That’s why we want to leave you in the next guide 7 tricks super useful with which you can overcome all challenges in an easy way.

Hogwarts Legacy: 7 tricks to win in the Summoning Clue

1- The straight trajectory

for a easy shot that guarantees us points yes or yes, you should look for a straight route without obstacles. In the first songs it’s simple, but in the later songs we have to think a bit, but there is always at least one.

To make this shot go 100% right, align your character in that trajectory, since you use action It will pull in that direction.

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Try to find straight trajectories and avoid obstacles and balls.

2- Stop in green

like ours ball goes off the board, the roll will be 0 points. Taking into account that there are 3 turns, this means that we will almost certainly lose the game. Also keep in mind that due to inertia, the speed of the ball is not constant, but increases. The ideal is stop at the beginning of the green color.

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3- Avoid the docks

Different tests have obstacles like the quays. These make the balls bounce and make complicated trajectories that are sure to end badly. I advise you not to risk trying them. It’s best to avoid them and secure points, as a null turn means you lose the game.

Hogwarts Legacy Challenge Action

4- The whirlpools

In the same way, the whirlpools they function as a pull in or out. Those who are inside can be a help, but those who go outside the board should be avoided at all costs. However, nothing happens because of the end facing the center of the board. If the ball has speed, it will pass and you can make safer shots.

Hogwarts Legacy Challenges

5- The slopes

slopes They are one of the easiest obstacles. If you stay on top of it, you can get a good score of 100. Ideally, you should climb them and brake mid-climb to reach the top. If you overcome them, nothing will happen if there is a board in front of you; The worst part is that you can’t upload it.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoning Clue

6- Choose the right balls

The game will mark the balls for you by default, but choose the one we are going to throw away at any time, it can help us achieve victory. This is due to how the board behaves. It’s not the same to throw a ball with no obstacles or rival balls as it is to do it with all sorts of inconveniences ahead. Choose well which ones we throw in each turn.

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7- Don’t touch rival balls

It is very basic, but fundamental advice. If we move the rival balls, they can pass two things: that we throw them out or that we improve their position. Yes, removing them from the board can help us, but it will definitely go wrong and we will eventually improve the position our rival had obtained. It’s better to focus on making our throw go well than thinking about annoying the enemy.

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With this 7 tricks We are now ready to conquer all the challenges of magical petanque. Taking into account that it is part of the list of secondary missions, if we do it right, we will be one step closer to completing the game 100% and getting the trophy “The Good Samaritan.” On the other hand, don’t miss all the news we bring you to be alert to the latest information.

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