Hogwarts Legacy – How to complete the Floating Candles Quest, “Ghosts of Our Love”

Hogwarts Legacy is full of side missions which will allow us to complete the game 100% and achieve the trophy “The Good Samaritan”. One of them is “Ghosts of Our Love”which represents one treasure hunt to find the meeting place of some lovers. It’s not a difficult mission, but we can search crazy. That’s why we tell you in the following guide how to solve this mystery and find the place.

Hogwarts Legacy: how to solve the quest “Ghost of our love”.

The first thing we have to do is take the card and activate the mission. However, depending on which Hogwarts house we are in, it is achieved one way or another:

  • Slytherins: during the quest “Scrope’s Last Hope.”
  • Gryffindor: we need to talk to Sir Patrick Delaney-Poddmore in “The Hunt for the Lost Pages.”
  • Hufflepuffs: during the mission “The Prisoner of Love.”
  • Ravenclaw: during the mission “Ollivander’s Inheritance.”

Once we have the map, finding the treasure’s location is relatively easy. To do this, we must locate ourselves in the Forbidden Forestexactly where the floo call

old hogwarts candles

You don’t have to go far to get there. stone bridge that marks the map. Once there, we use lumos and some floating candles will appear. We just have to follow them to find the meeting place and complete the mission.

Hogwarts Legacy Quests

And finished! This is a very short mission that we can get rid of as soon as possible. In addition, we will find hidden corners in the Forbidden Forest. There’s also a Dark Arts battle arena nearby, should you feel like stopping by and casting some Unforgivable Curses. On the other hand, don’t miss all the news we bring you to be alert to the latest information about the game.

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