House of the Gundead Arcade: Enter the Gungeon returns as an arcade – News

Enter the dungeon was one of the spearheads of the Devolver Digital house. Rogue-esque, dungeon-crawler, shooter-looter all at once, the cocktail shaken (and not stirred) in pixel art had won over audiences and critics when it was released on PC in 2016, propelling the small stable forward Dodge Roll at the front of the stage. Having established itself on almost every possible and conceivable platform, the title is forever embellished with a plethora of additional content guns and from dungeons. If the start of a sequel to the goose with the golden eggs would have been largely predictable, Devolver surprised his fan base and spawned an authentic arcade terminal, the title of which does not hide his inspiration.

House of The Dead + Enter the Gungeon

You need look no further than the concept of house of death : an arcade terminal, two front guns, heroes screwed onto rails, and waves of enemies parading as they wait for their dose of meatballs to pass the weapon to the left. La Bête presents itself as a rather luxurious terminal, richly decorated with the effigy of the heroes of Enter the dungeon. The machine weighs no less than 225 kilograms, for the following dimensions: 91 cm by 97.8 cm, for 196 cm high. A very beautiful baby.

The question remains about the accessibility of the Beast, because if a few arcades remain as good as possible across the Atlantic, they are more than threatened in France. To afford the monster co-developed by the Griffin Aerotech company, you’ll need to sell a kidney or two on the black market, as it retails for the $5,499 peccadillo (excluding shipping, of course). As for a possible port on home consoles and PC, Devolver Digital hasn’t even mentioned it.

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