How much does Resident Evil 4 Remake weigh? Check that your console or computer meets the minimum requirements and get ready to be the “winners” with this guide

The Resident Evil 4 remake is already among us, available for good part current generation consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X/S) and PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, along with compatible computers. Being a remake and not just any remasteras released for other consoles of previous generations by the hand of Capcomthat is to be expected your requirements are slightly larger to occupy the hard drives of consoles and PC components.

In this guide we want help you judge some technical questions about the game, such as the main requirements for computers, and the space it will occupy in the storage memory, whether you buy it in digital version or you have to install it to play it.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Requirements

To pass almost 20 years from the exit of the jOriginal game for the Nintendo GameCubeand which was later ported to Playstation 2, to Wii (with the virtues of motion control) and which was released on PC nine years ago with an HD edition.

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However, the version that worries us is one built almost from scratch and with the use of the RE Engine, also featured in more recent games in the saga such as Village, or the Remake of 2. Consequently, this latest remastered installment of the saga is required of some more current components to run on our PCs and compatible PCs. These are the requirements to run Resident Evil 4 Remake if you buy it on Steam:

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Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit

Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit

Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 | Intel Core i5-7500

Processor: Ryzen5 3600 | i7-8700

RAM: 8 GB RAM memory

RAM: 16 GB RAM memory

Graphics Card: RX560| GTX 1050 Ti

RX 6700 XT or RTX 2060 are required to enable ray tracing.

Graphics Card: RX5700| GTX 1070

RX 6700 XT or RTX 2070 are required to enable ray tracing.

DirectX: version 12

DirectX: version 12

Schedule: broadband internet connection

Schedule: broadband internet connection

Additional Notes: 1080p/45fps (estimated performance with performance priority – FPS rate will be lower in graphics intensive scenes)

Additional Notes: 1080p/60fps (estimated performance with performance priority – FPS rate will be lower in graphics intensive scenes)

Likewise, we recommend that check your graphics card manufacturer Some I didn’t take specific drivers for the game to enjoy the game to the fullest. As for the space it needs on your hard drive, the game takes up 54.41 GB of post-install memory once installed (with a similar download of the same size); a format that dwarfs even more current games.

one is recommended broadband internet connection to complete the download in a short time and be able to start playing. There are no recommendations to install it on an SSD or an HDDbut loading times will of course be much shorter on a solid hard drive.

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How much does Resident Evil 4 Remake take up on consoles

If you want to buy the game for your PlayStation5, Xbox Series (X or S) or Playstation 4, the mates to download and/or install will vary depending on your console. The ”last gen” version of PS4 weighs the least: 27GB. For its part, the Play 5 version doubles about that size, required 58.4GB.

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As for the Xbox versions, both the “last gen” and the “current gen” will have a approximate size of disk space 67GB. Keep this in mind in case you need to make room for it.

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For PC usersif you are interested to know in detail what is the graphical configuration will adapt better to your team, Ivan Lerner from 3DJuegos PC has a full optimization guide for the game which you can read if you need help with the settings.

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