how this new feature will save you time to install the games

The latest PS5 update brought in a great feature – the ability to use a physical drive to play a game you purchased online. It doesn’t seem like much, but this feature can be very useful in certain situations.


The latest PS5 firmware brings some new features such as updating wireless controllers, adding Discord and reorganizing the library. But one of them has gone a bit unnoticed: the possibility to use data from a physical disc to play a title purchased online.

This feature was spotted by the famous Wario64 on Twitter. The concept is simple: if you installed a game on your console via a physical disc, the data can be used if you purchase the same game from the online store. Previously this was not the case, because everything had to be downloaded again.

The PS5 adds a discreet yet practical feature

The feature already existed on Xbox and is coming to Sony’s console this week. We can, of course, ask the question that kills: what interest? Why buy a digital game when we already have it at home? In fact, this addition can be useful in some situations.

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Say a friend of yours lends you a game and you install it on your PS5. After a few days of fun, it’s time to give it back. You then buy the game in the mat to continue it. There is no need to download it again. It can also happen that we resell a game and regret it a few months later. By buying it online you avoid the download phase if it is still on the machine. You get the idea.

So it’s a small, unobtrusive feature but very practical, especially for those who have a weak connection. Granted, it won’t change the face of the world (it wasn’t even hyped by Sony), but it’s still a welcome addition for gamers.

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