How to Play Warzone 2 on Steam Deck

Steam Deck is becoming more and more popular among gamers. It’s another way to enjoy yourself in comfort our library from Steam. There are many compatible video games that we have at our disposal. Is Warzone 2, the popular Call of Duty battle royale, among them? In the following paragraphs, we will talk about it and how you can enjoy the Activision-Blizzard title on Steam Deck.

Is Warzone 2 compatible with Steam Deck?

As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’re a regular customer of the Valve store, on many occasions it will appear in a game’s tab an announcement that this is compatible with the portable Steam Deck. However, if we look in the file of the own War zone 2 We will see that this is not the case.

What does this translate to? In which War zone 2 does not have a native support for the laptop from Valve. This, however does not mean that we can’t play it in.

Steam deck

The game’s anti-cheat system makes it impossible to be compatible with Steam Deck.

The process, yes, can be slightly more complicated Just click download and play. Basically, and in order not to get lost along the way, Steam Deck uses the Linux operating system. This system is not compatible with «RICOCHET anti cheat», the new system used for this duty to fight cheaters and strengthen your security.

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So the Final solution is to change the operating system. To do this, you need to install Windows on your Steam Deck. This way you can enjoy War zone 2 without any hindrance or inconvenience.

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