Humanity Plays Sheepdog In May – News

After a first presentation in 2019, we thought about the project Humanity put away in the niche due to radio silence. The state of play on 23.02.2023 was an opportunity to revive the luminous Shiba Inu, which will serve as an avatar for players in this spft, which will leave plenty of room for reflection. The quick presentation trailer unveiled by PlayStation shows off a gameplay system reminiscent of the cult Chu Chu missile. So it will be about playing the shepherds of souls by leading endless waves of people to their redemption.

The future between the legs

To achieve his goal, our avatar/doggo will be able to bark at the mob, place arrows of movement that force the mob to follow the imposed direction, and use decorative elements to lead the plebs up a mystical ascent. Enhance Games promises a Story mode that will reveal the ins and outs of this incredible and no less apocalyptic situation, as well as a game mode that will allow you to create your own puzzles from scratch to give free rein to all your sadistic ideas. genius. (Brace Yourself evil brain from Super Mario Maker 2).

Although the title is being designed in Itd., under the direction of Yugo Nakamura, and published only by Enhance Games, it’s impossible not to feel the shadow of Testsuya Mizuguchi hovering over this project. Whether it’s the visual aspect that is both minimalist and chiadé, the abstract concept and the sound environment bathed in a floating and intoxicating electro (a trademark of Mizuguchi’s productions since Ground And lumines), the entire project is overflowing with Mizuguchi’s touch markings, which is more than reassuring.

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Humanity expected on PS5, PS VR, PS4 and PS VR in May 2023, as well as on Steam. For the curious, a playable demo is already available on PC and the PS4 and PS5 ecosystem.

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