If you’re surprised by the lack of a critical graphics option in Atomic Heart, don’t worry – here’s how to adjust Mundfish’s in-game FOV

Atomic Heart has already started its journey on our PCs and desktop consoles. The work with which the Russian studio Mundfish debuts nor leave indifferent everyone, but there is a detail that has surprised locals and strangers because it is a fundamental option to personalize the experience: the absence of the Field of View (or FOV).

Anyway, there are plans to introduce this feature in one of the future patches that should be in the game in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait, we’ll tell you here too how can you adjust it sooner before the official settlement arrives.

What is FOV and how to use it in Atomic Heart

He Field of View or FOV (from English Field of View) is a setting that is often included in many games today to provide the user with the option possibility to expand what your avatar is “see” on the screen. While it’s not an exclusive FPS setting, and especially FPS settings like Atomic Heart, it is one It is usually one of the most requested by the players to customize the experience to their liking.

There are players who they prefer it narrow to have a more “claustrophobic” experience and to be adapted to “reality”, while others – because they want to cover as much as possible with their eyesight or take advantage of their widescreen monitors for gaming – like to set this option to certain values higher than normal which comes standard.

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Ah Image Source 1

In the release version, Atomic Heart, has no setting for this graphic option, which is essential for good “situational awareness” at the FPS. However since the official Mundfish Twitter accounthave the developers already stated that they are aware of this significant absence in the options and stuff soon we will have it in a future patch

How to adjust FOV in Atomic Heart without the patch

Yes you can’t wait until the patch arrives to be able to configure the FOV to your liking, we have a workaround, but it implies the using a third party program, although it will be useful for other games that may not yet have this option (or the developers won’t or can’t include it right away). It is about Flawless widescreena software specially designed to adjust various graphics options that do not work correctly in different games. Is free and you can download it from this link.

How to use Flawless Screen to adjust Atomic Heart’s FOV

After downloading Flawless Screen (make sure select the appropriate option for your operating system on its website), using it is very simple. First, it will ask you for define the paths the program should search for to adjust the graphics parameters of the desired game (these are set by default for games from Steam or Originnow known only as EA app). Then you have to choose one list of pluginsthe ones that match the titles in question.

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For the present case, select Atomic Heart. The program will install automatically the plugin in the folder where you installed the title and it will show you a series of graphics settings. Among them is the field of view (FOV).

Ah Fov not official

using the bar what is under the option Field of view in the gameyou should be able to expand within the offered percentage. Since it’s not an exact value, I recommend doing some tests before choosing one. I also advise you play with the HUD scaling option (last option available at the bottom right of the central window) to adjust the interface as the field of view changes hurts a bit the items on the screen.

Once configured as desired, you can now enjoy Atomic Heart with a field of view that better suits your preferences, unless Mundfish publishes the patch.

Other Atomic Heart graphics options

Keep that in mind before you finish another graphics option that would be missing from the Soviet dystopian shooter ray tracing. An absence that is also surprising given the emphasis placed on gaming performance on the graphics of the RTX series prior to launch. However, it is also expected that this option will eventually become available I finally arrived to the game.

What do you think of Atomic Heart? If you want knowing more of the game that due to the unfortunate current geopolitical situation in Ukraine, they don’t want to know anything about it, we recommend that you read the analysis of the title, signed by our esteemed Alberto Pastor, in which he does not think about it and describes it as a game that, although it is not perfect, we cannot stop trying.

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