Intel promises that the next 3nm processors will appear as early as 2024

Faced with the persistence of the rumor that Intel would not be able to complete its 15th generation processors for desktop computers, the CEO, Pat Gelsinger, pushed to specify in a press release that the company intends to fulfill its commitments.

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Rumor has it development of 3nm 15th Gen Intel Core processors is lagging behind. The American company is behind schedule. The Arrow Lake intended for the general public, as well as the Granit Rapids and Sierra Forest, designed for servers and professional workstations, may not come out on the announced schedule, i.e. in the third quarter of 2024, but by beginning of the year 2025.

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There is still uncertainty about ArrowLake’s manufacturing process. It could indeed be that the company decides to engrave certain components itself according to the Intel 3 process, but it might as well outsource this part to TSMC, which uses its own N3 production process, also engraved on 3 n.

Intel denies delays in development of 15th generation PC processors

Raptor Lake processors may only be Intel’s 13th generation PC processors today, but considering how tight the electronic component market is, it’s no wonder that a delay in 2023 will affect the specs of a product that’s planned for 2024, not to mention the likely impact on the company’s share price.

During a telephone conversation with company officials, the CEO therefore wanted to get things back in order. He claimed: ” 3nm projects are on track, both those with TSMC and those developed in-house with Intel 3”. As the leader says, these are not the first strong rumors about the company’s ability to produce its processors on time. In my defense, Meteor Lake, the successor to Raptor Lake announced a little over two years ago, still hasn’t hit our shelves.

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