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Developed by Aquria, studio best known for Sword Art Online games (Hollow Fragment, Hollow Realization, Alicization Lycoris) and for the RPG The Caligula Effect, crying machine takes place in a post-apo sci-fi world where humanity has completely disappeared from the landscape a few centuries earlier. We would have guessed by the number of times the word appearsnings emerges in the trailer, but the idea of ​​humanity promises to be a central theme in this title where the characters (all female, of course) are of a mechanical nature, which obviously does not prevent the emotions from being expressed and the tears from being shed. current. It must be said that the protagonists are EVEs, certainly synthetic beings but who embark on a reconstruction of the conscience of deceased people.


Eve get up

Surviving and understanding what it means to become a real human being is the challenge of the quest of Lebel Distel, a dying young girl apparently chosen by an entity called Enoa, which earns her a narrow escape from her fatal fate. Upon awakening, Lebel discovers a place called Eden, a space structure where machines pursue the goal of creating real humans to restore humanity. Lebel and his EVE comrades, Mikoto Chigiku and Ami Shito, will alternately explore the battlefields of Eden and return to the sweet home of theImitation garden. Here the heroines can rest, customize their weapons and chat more lightly to forget the darkness of the outside world, as well as their synthetic nature that they so often seem to reject.

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The real-time combat system allows for a smooth transition between confrontation and exploration, while the sci-fi art direction is lifted by the artists’ fine artwork @Rolua_N And @Yoshi6054. On the sound side, FuRyu entrusted the soundtrack Sakuzyoartist Crystar had already signed to the same publisher, and from whom we can listen 11 minutes snippets on YouTube. crying machine will be available from us boxed and for download, with Japanese dubbing and English lyrics.

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