Kang is not as powerful in Marvel Snap as it is in the latest MCU movie, but his card will help you win or save many cubes

The end of the Quantumania season is approaching and the March season pass is coming up, but still a letter to join was missing of the current season: that of Kang the Conquerorthe last villain to join the House of Ideas factory, or at least in the MCU.

In this entry to Marvel Snap, the card game from the creators of Heartstone, we go comment your card in the gameplus some combinations that can be useful to get the most out of its trait, or have direct synergy with it.

Kang the Conqueror Letter in Marvel Snap

kang the conqueror

Kang’s letter has a energy costs five, which clearly makes her a late game option. That’s the most surprising thing its power is zero, something unthinkable for a card that should be one of the options that closes the game. However, seeing his revealing feature, we understand the one who is unable to contest any of the locations: after playing it, once the service has ended where it came into play, this will rebootand Kang will disappear from our hand and out of the game.

This makes this letter one “baptized” version of cards that allow us to see the enemy’s movements like Daredevil, but it is even superior due to the fact that the opponent will have revealed his cards -literally- for us and we will know what he intends to play on the turn we just “undone”. At least we have one idea of ​​party letters that he has in his hand, and that allows us to play with a certain advantage.

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use kang at turn six of a game (or the seven if our opponent played Magik or one of the locations) assumes knowing in advance what our opponent is going to do and gives us a brutal advantage to “refresh” the turn. Another interesting point is that if we or our opponent snapped before we rolled it, the snap is removed when the turn goes back, which is also a way to know the lanterns in advance of our rival, or correct or undo ours if we have miscalculated; but of course, only when we launch it the snap was made on the turn.

Cards and archetypes to combine Kang with

be one tactical advantageKang would fit in perfectly one of the available archetypes for the game. We can know in which locations our opponent is going to use a counter for our best cards (Sang-shi to destroy the most powerful, Magneto to break the dispute at some point, if the Infinauta was reserved in the last turn… ) . This is very flexible in addition to each of them, because we will know if our opponent has a last combo that we can try to counter or if it suits us, retire. Especially if we can’t guarantee that in one of the archetypes we play our central card comes into play and can execute all its effects.

Cards to combine with Kang

As for the cards with which you can combine better, there is one that especially stands out for its effect: jaw clamp. The dog trait is ideal to use with Kang for two reasons. If we refresh our memory, Lockjaw stock exchange every card we played for in its position another one that’s in our deck. However, the effects of the card that was rolled first still take effect (as long as they are not ongoing properties). Since Kang disappears from the game as soon as we use him, his thing is maximize its use be able to put another card in its place. And in fact it is recommended because whoever gets out gets out will have more dispute capacity of the location than him, although that’s not why we played it there, as we’ll see later.

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Another possible card that Kang can synergize with although not that much as with Lockjaw, it is strong guy. If we play a deck consisting of aggressively descending cards so that the strongman enters the last turn with his active trait (10 force when our hand is empty), we not only play a card with Kang, but we look at which location it will be more helpful to start it in the last corner for a spin.

Cons and tips for Kang

There is no effective counter against Kang today; at best, we don’t let it apply its effects when we play with locations that allow us to duplicate cosmo (the cloning laboratories of Sinister London). But it’s also not the most efficient, and it’s hard to cover all three locations. Part, it is difficult to predict where it will be played. Similarly, Kang has no ability to contest a location, and his ability is very powerful, but works both ways. When using Lockjaw, the opponent of the player using Kang will know what the next card to draw is when the turn resets (only cards are returned to hands, min kang that disappears from the game; both players draw a card at the same time).

Cards that counter Kang or could pass

When we play Kang, it’s best to know how to use his ability determine whether we should win or not, and therefore we must always reserve it for the last turn. The problem is that because of the cost we can’t play more cards with it (except cost one on the last turn or cost two if the game lasts seven turns). This enables us if possible make a “feint”; our opponent does not know where we will return to throw the card (or cards) that accompanied him, which could be an improved Deadpool, for example.

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Actually, we should use Kang as a seer of results. If you know more or less how to read the cards the other player is playing, you can decide better what suits you: whether you go all-in and try to win, or whether it is wise to withdraw without losing many blocks. In any case, it’s hard for you to lose a lot of range if you use this card wisely.

Marvel Snap - Suitable combinations and archetypes to use Stature, the new map of the Quantumania season

if you have any suggestions for Kang in some deck, we’ll be happy to read it on the game forum or in the comments, and it goes without saying that let’s see if you dare to play some games to test him or other characters from the House of Ideas now that it is possible to play games with friends in Marvel Snap.

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