Marvel Snap – Suitable combinations and archetypes to use Stature, the new map of the Quantumania season

We’re halfway through Marvel Snap’s Quantumania season, and from today It is already possible to add a new letter to our collection once we have progressed regularly through the collection levels: height.

The daughter of shot long debuts as a superhero in the UCM in the movie Antman and the Wasp: Quantumaniaand also does it in the card game of Second Dinner. In this post, we would like to recommend some of them possible combinations of cards to make the most of its property, and what archetypes it could be in Belong.

Stature chart in Marvel Snap

Gestalt is a card with some basic attributes costs of energy 5 And force 7. Under normal conditions it is a card that is not one of the most powerful, although it can be used to it dispute a location where there are several low power cards from our opponent, or fill the spaces of a location without being able to throw us a card that changes “side” if some goblins.

Letter size

However, Stature has a trait that makes her look like Spiderman Miles Morales; a dat does not require to play it, which cannot be undone – in general, unless Leech is cast before we’ve been able to bring it into play – and surprise our opponent. If we force the other player be thrown away (or do it yourself if playing a discard archetype) of a letter from himthe cost of Stature will be seen reduced to oneand can be played from the second turn, or even the first if we’re lucky and it comes out as first location Sokovia (as long as shape isn’t the discarded card when it was in our hand on the first turn).

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Gestalt strategies, maps and archetypes

Knowing this, activate the tearor the new Marvel Snap card is really easy, because any card we play that discards a card from the enemy’s hand allows us to cast Stature at almost any point during the game, regardless of whether it is on that moment was present in our hand of starting the game as if it were about to come out of the deck.

Warping cards

It is clear that the best card to activate this effect is moon knight. The revealing ability requires both players to discard a card from their hand. Is use better when Stature is still in our deck because that’s how we make sure she will not be the card we have to part with. Of course we can take a risk, but in that case we recommend to use the Ghost Rider of Hela to bring her back. A less risky approach is to use Black Bolt, which forces our opponent to discard the cheapest card in their hand warranties shape entrance in the last turn of the game, and very likely accompanies the letter that facilitated its entry, since between the two they add up to a not inconsiderable number 15 power pointsenough to hold a placement of cards like the Hulk of America Chavez in the final turn.

Then Stature is of course a card that can fit much and very well in the disposable archetype, but it may also have a place in the destruction archetype, although it already does opposite from a discard pile. For example, placing Stature in a destruction deck increases our tactical capabilities against that archetype. After her it is possible play gif for two reasons: first, we make add its power to a three-cost cardand then we “saved” it from its existence destroyed by Killmonguer if it is brought into play afterwards.

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Recommended letters stature

Obviously there is no need to sacrifice it like that because if we can go to death where she is (remember it costs one energy point less for each destroyed or discarded card in play) add between the two 19 power points, a figure that can only be disputed by the Infinauta, and that is probably not enough, because if we add even one power card, we would already be even with him. But if you choose to let Venom devour her, Knull is already gaining seven power to use it in the last turn, and if it was a high-kill game, maybe Death would in combination with almost free exitalthough I advise wear magic to extend the game one more turn and maximize that combo.

Best locations for stature

Since the property of stature activates the board and it is not subject to conditions, we can put it in any location to dispute it with our rival. Anyway, there are three in particular that they are especially useful to play it, if we can bring it into play early after its trait is activated.

Cloning lab

Cloning lab

What’s better than a card with one prize and seven Powers? To have two of them. And no, I don’t mean you have Ebonmaw in your deck. If the stature property is enabled, that’s best download it in the clone lab. This way you add a copy of it to your deck dat it still costs one energy. Unless your opponent has Killmonguer in his deck (which I’d recommend going to Armor where Stature is), it’s pretty much impossible for him to compete with the number of tier 7 cards you can cast per turn as you copy it at least twice.

sinister London

sinister London

The principle of two Stature in the game also applies here, the only catch is that we can’t decide what other location we play it in, but there will be few scenarios where we don’t want Stature take a position. Imagine that a different location has a negative effect on the play of a card (such as destroying or replacing the card); if it falls there, it’s one almost guaranteed control from that location with her.

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The Nexus

The Nexus

To delete plus seven of power in all other locations it is always appreciated, and with Stature you can if he comes soon thanks to its property. Combined with Armor to avoid surprises (Killmonger or Gambit) it means we have the game practically insured.

Final notes on stature

Finally, point out some important details. The stature property is not neither revelation nor continuous, which means that it cannot be (almost) nullified in any way; essentially, it’s just like Kraven, Vision, or any other cards with a passive attribute that it doesn’t depend on any additional terms beyond what the description says (that it must be revealed to take effect or that it has the Ongoing keyword).

Cards Contra Dura or unaffected

This means that not even metamaps of disruptive effects if Enchantress of Cosmo will serve to nullify Stature. His only real opponent, we mentioned, Killmonger. And since we can cast it if its trait is activated at any point in the game, we always can reserve it for a particular coup in the endnot to mention that “reduced” will also be powered by Ka-zar and its perpetual property of being one full power of 8, already more in line with many “endgame” cards. But eye with Leechbecause if your rival finds you have it, and you reserve it, it might ruin your strategyso don’t let it heat up on the couch for long unless you have no other choice to make a final combination.

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